Martha McSally is hiding in the chicken bunker again, afraid to debate Matt Heinz

Former state legislator Dr. Matt Heinz, the Democratic candidate running for Congress in CD 2 against Rep. Martha McSally, showed up at the Democratic debate watch party I attended last night.

I had a chance to speak to Dr. Heinz about when he would be debating Rep. McSally.  He told me that the two campaigns have been discussing venues, but they not have come to an agreement.

chickenbunkerMcSally wants a debate in Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca at a venue where Tea-Publicans would likely outnumber Democrats 3-1 (and the only news overage would likely be in the Sierra Vista Herald).

The other debate under discussion is for Vail (presumably the Vail High School), which also draws a decidedly GOP friendly crowd.

Dr. Heinz said he wants a debate at the University of Arizona sponsored by the College Republicans and Young Democrats. But Rep. McSally has not agreed to any debates in Tucson proper, where the vast majority of her constituents live in CD 2.

There is also no agreement as yet for a studio debate at Arizona Public Media (KUAT) PBS 6,  at the University of Arizona.

Throughout her brief political career, Martha McSally has sought to select only friendly venues, and to limit her exposure to the public with as few debates as possible. In 2014, she only debated Congressman Ron Barber twice, as I recall.

Why is Martha McSally so afraid to take questions from her constituents and the media? Why is she so afraid to debate her Democratic opponent? Why is she so afraid of a college student audience at the University of Arizona?

Why is Martha McSally, once again, hiding in the chicken bunker?

6 thoughts on “Martha McSally is hiding in the chicken bunker again, afraid to debate Matt Heinz”

  1. I’m confused. I thought there was a debate schedule for October 5, at Vail Theater of the Arts? Is My information wrong?

  2. Word on the street is McMartha is only going to debate Dr. Heinz in Cochise County where the event moderator will be … Lea Marquez-Peterson, a high-profile Republican who certainly doesn’t hide her partisanship. She advised Doug Ducey on his campaign and has been rewarded with some low-level political appointment.
    The debate (not sure who is sponsoring) should have an impartial moderator.

  3. Both have been invited to the Accountability Session at Amphi HS for Oct. 2nd, on our Calendar. I wonder who will show up?

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