Mayor Gallego and Phoenix City Council Make it Easier for Residents to Install Solar Panels

In a triumph for pursuing clean energy options to make the environment better for Phoenix residents, Mayor Kate Gallego and the Phoenix City Council approved a measure that would amend the local fire code and fee structure to make it easier for homeowners to use more of their roof space to install solar energy panels.

Commenting on the new clean energy initiative, Mayor Kate Gallego said:

“We are continuously creating solutions that allow us to serve our residents efficiently and do our part to facilitate the clean energy transition. Today’s votes will advance solar in Phoenix and residents will have more usable space to implement solar, fostering increased renewable energy generation. Phoenix is a national leader for solar on city facilities. It will be great to see this on more neighborhood rooftops!”

Later she posted on social media:

The press release from the Mayor’s office goes on to state:

“The new rules will ensure the City of Phoenix is utilizing a progressive code that reflects the current evolution of building materials, technologies, and industry practice to provide safety and reduce the cost of construction and compliance.

Phoenix is already a leader in solar energy. In Environment America’s 2020 Shining Cities report, Phoenix ranked fourth in total solar installed. The City values the solar energy industry and associated companies who call Phoenix home.”

This is another example of how strong clean energy infrastructure improvements can be initiated at the local level.

The Phoenix City Council action also demonstrates that promoting good sustainability policies does not have to come all the time from the federal government.

Phoenix Residents should contact the Fire Department or appropriate city offices to see if they can install solar panels on the roofs of their homes.


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