Mayor Kate Gallego is Elected to the C40 Cities Committee and Phoenix gets 11 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

This has been an eventful week for Phoenix as it continues its road to becoming a leader in the drive to combat climate change and provide new access to sustainable outlets for clean energy.

First, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego was elected to join the C40 Cities Steering Committee, a global organization of 97 cities that is dedicated to promoting pro-environmental and clean energy/sustainability policies in urban settings.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego shows off a roof fitted with solar panels Photo from AARP

Commenting on her election, Mayor Gallego said:

“The climate challenges of our time demand resourceful, creative, and collaborative leadership. I’m proud to join this global group of mayors on the C40 steering committee to drive action toward our shared vision for a healthy, equitable, and resilient world. I bring with me the unique perspectives and experience of the people of Phoenix and I look forward to exploring new possibilities and sharing best practices with this global cohort.”

The second event was the announcement on May 12, 2021, that Mayor Gallego and the Phoenix City Council, thanks to an incentive rebate program through the Salt River Project, have authorized the installation of 11 electric vehicle chargers at selected Phoenix Parks and Libraries.

Commenting on this development, Mayor Gallego relayed:

“Electric vehicles are a critical part of our clean-energy future. To have cleaner air, and to blunt the effects of climate change, we must move away from gasoline and toward electricity. Yet, many people are still hesitant because of what’s called ‘range anxiety’ – the worry that the EV’s charge will run out before they reach their destination. Easing that anxiety means having more charging stations at more locations and thanks to SRP, that is exactly what we’re accomplishing.”

Newly inaugurated Phoenix District Seven Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari stated:

“Ensuring that electric vehicles are affordable for working families and advancing electric infrastructure are powerful ways to combat air pollution in our city, and we will reap the benefits for generations to come. It’s a multi-fold return on investment. Electrification is set to create thousands of good-paying jobs, improve tourism, and position Phoenix as a global leader on climate action and sustainability.”

If there are going to be meaningful efforts at creating a cleaner and sustainable future in Arizona and across the nation, most of the hard work will probably be accomplished at the local level like the arrangement arrived at between Phoenix and SRP.

Please click below to read the full press releases on Mayor Gallego’s election to C40 and the authorization of the 11 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Mayor of Phoenix Elected to C40 Cities Steering Committee






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