Mayor Regina Romero Announces Her Campaign for Re-Election

From Mayor Romero Reelection site

In a move that should surprise no one, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero has announced her intentions to seek re-election to her Mayoral position this year.

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In a press release from her campaign, Mayor Romero’s team highlighted her considerable achievements while in the office including helping to:

  • Create a local Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.
  • Secure passage of Proposition 411.
  • Design an Electric Vehicle Readiness Map.
  • Launch the Tucson Million Trees Initiative.
  • Win millions in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Dollars.
  • Fund the largest electric bus fleet in the Southwest.
  • Form a Housing Development Plan.
  • Increase funding for first responders, including those specializing in mental health and wellness services.
  • Protect reproductive freedom.
  • Recruit leading technology companies like the American Battery Factory.

In the release, Mayor Romero commented:

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero behind the wheel of one of Tucson’s new electric busses. Photo from Mayor Romero’s Twitter account.

“I am running for re-election to build on the tremendous progress we have made, and to continue the work to create a more economically vibrant, affordable, safer, and sustainable city where all Tucsonans can thrive. Despite the curveball the pandemic threw at our community, I am incredibly proud of the progress we have made in my first term. We have made historic investments in affordable housing, community safety, transportation, and mobility infrastructure, climate action, and environmental sustainability. We have set in motion long-term, transformative plans, and strategic investments to lay the foundation for a stronger, more equitable city that will uplift future generations of Tucsonans.”

“Tucson now has a louder voice at the local, state, and national level than we have ever had. And we are reaping the rewards of this strengthened position. During my first term, I have secured more than $80 million dollars in grant funding from the state and federal governments for a wide range of projects.”

From Mayor Regina Romero Twitter Account.

“I am running for re-election because I love serving as your Mayor, we have accomplished so much and we have work left to do. Tucson is not immune to the economic trends and challenges that cities and employers throughout the country are facing. My priority during my second term will be putting our strategic plans into action while addressing the emerging issues facing our city, including keeping our community safe, affordable, and economically prosperous.”

“We need experienced leadership, evidence-based policies, and innovative solutions to tackle our most pressing challenges. It has been the honor of my life to be entrusted by Tucsonans to serve as Mayor of our beautiful city. I am asking Tucson’s voters for their support in re-electing me to be their Mayor.”

From Mayor Regina Romero Twitter Account.

The Mayors re-election campaign will be chaired by Senator Mark Kelly, former Tucson City Council member Karin Uhlich, and Civil and Reproductive Rights Advocate Edna Meza Aguirre.

Please click here to find out more information on Mayor Romero and her campaign for re-election.



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