Mayors Against Illegal Guns Congressional District Polls

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been doing a lot of polling – 21 statewide polls, 41 congressional districts – to gauge public opinion about gun issues like universal background checks. Then they did a comparison to the NRA ratings of senators and representatives in the congressional districts they polled. "New
Polls in More Than 40 Districts and 20 States Show Voters
Overwhelmingly Support Background Checks for All Gun Sales" March 7,

The Rachel Maddow Show aired a segment about the new polling on Wednesday. Who is your legislator listening to on gun policy?

The poll results show overwhelming support for background checks for
gun purchases, but the NRA opposes background checks. So the idea is
that if a member of Congress has a good NRA grade, their stance is more
aligned with the NRA than their own constituents.

The full set of results is available as a pdf and was meant for use as a full-page newspaper ad. If you were hoping for a more shareable image file, they have this tiny-but-still-readable jpg version. They've also got all of the results broken down by the states and districts they polled.

Arizona was a state poll. Even in a state where gun worshipers and fetishists dominate our state legislature, 90% of Arizonans support universal background checks for all gun sales.


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