McCain supports Graf


Via AZ Daily Star: McCain supports Graf for House seat

WTF? Wow, has McCain no standards left whatsoever? The Straight Talk Express has just taken a detour into the racist KKK militia mosh-pit.

I don’t think this helps Graf as much as it does McCain. Moderates know that McCain is playing in the shallow end of the gene pool to set himself up for a 2008 run at the White House. They aren’t likely to be influenced to vote for Graf because McCain wants to shore up his base. If McCain were to become very prominent in Graf’s campaign, it might have an effect: a mere endorsement won’t.

On the other end, Graf already has the base on board. McCain benefits among the far right by looking inclusive and down with his homies. Those in the base who are cheesed at McCain’s ideas on immigration reform aren’t likely to be moved, but there is definite goodwill to be won by McCain in this scenario.

One could with some justice say this story is reported backwards: the real news is that Graf has endorsed McCain, not the other way around, because the only benefit will flow to McCain, not Graf.

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  1. Today October 9th 2006 I officially call for Congressman Jim Kolbe to resign immediatly for not telling the speaker of the House about revelations he received from pages as the then only announced gay Congressman;but instead read the e-mails word for word to the Washington Post, with the understanding they NOT print the story. Kolbe covered up the scandal (6) six years ago and the pages used that cover-up last week.
    Now we know why The White House passed up Kolbe for Trade Ambassador, as Iam sure confidential sources informed the White House in 2000 before George Bush was inagurated in 2001.

  2. McCain is a whore. The day he hugged and kissed Bush after what Bush did to him in South Carolina, he lost all credibility with me.

    While I was never a big McCain enthusiast, I did respect his experience as a prisoner in Viet Nam. When he joined with the Republican majority to support legislation that ended habaes corpus, what little respect I had for him went out the window! Surely, this country can do better than McCain!

  3. McCain is trying to kiss everyone’s ass in his attempt to get to the White House in 08. ( OR, he may be worried that the house is in danger of changing hands and he is willing to sell his soul to keep it ‘red’)

    He just added one of Cheney-Bush’s fundraisers to his PAC. Isn’t it nice that the sr. senator from Arizona has solved all of the problems this country faces and now has time to begin running for office in 08!!

  4. Oh…the biggest surprise of all in this campaign is that the Tucson Chamber of Commerce endorsed Graf over Giffords. When looking at the reasonable Giffords in comparison to Graf, they still endorsed him. Shocking.

    Don’t most of those developer, real estate, builder types know what walling the border means? It means they have to pay a substantial amount more for labor and that they may not even be able to find it. They also might know that Graf plans to get tougher on employers…Uh…THEM!!!

    Finally, Southern Arizona’s economy is linked directly to shoppers from Mexico and workers from Mexico. If people like Graf got all that they want, the economy of Southern Arizona will plummet.

  5. First, everyone, Vote for Giffords. Volunteer. Donate. Help take back this seat. Graf is going to come out swinging in the debates and DO NOT underestimate the Republican turnout machine. They are GOOD.

    All that said, I agree with you about McCain, Michael. In a state like ours, with a sizeable Hispanic population, the rhetoric on the border may be tough, but it is NOTHING compared to how Republicans feel in South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and the heartland. McCain was spanked by this form of Republican in the 2008 primaries. He knows that and is playing to what is an incredibly extreme voter in the Republican south. He wants to be able to say “I backed tough on the border candidates like Randy Graf.” He also knows that the Minutemen get lots of money from those Southern and Midwestern republicans. McCain is after their network.

  6. The fact Kolbe knew that Foley sent e-mails to pages (6) six years ago and confronted Foley personally after being told by pages that Foley sent sexually grafic e-mails gives us more insite into why Kolbe did NOT run for re-elction. I have been talking about this issue concerning what did Kolbe know and when did he know it but the ACLU has muted my concerns because they support Kolbe and Giffords. Strange bedfellows indeed! Since Kolbe was in Southern Arizona along with Speaker Hastert a few months ago inspecting the Border in a phoney visit with Kolbe saying he is for Border Security when we all know he did nothing to Secure it only defend NOT securing it as does Sheriff Clarence Dupnik;everything but securing the Border is fine with him,as he whined to Governor Janet Napolitano NOT to sign the Law Enforcement Bill that would mandate he arrest and Jail Ilegall’s for committing Crimes in Pima County Dupnik cried on the Governors Shoulders that the Pima County Board of Supervisors would take away his County Tax based budget because of Federal Money being allowcated;thus his refusal to attend a meeting of the Border Sheriffs who went before Congress to secure Federal Money to Arrest and Jail Illegall’s. This Sheriff Dupnik is a discrace to his Office and is Hated by his deputies because he is ANTI-UNION yet the Union QUEEN Giffords who gained AFL-CIO support by trashing her long time friend Eddie Basha; now both of them are seen in a new TV ad supporting Border Security,NO AMNESTY and Enforcement of employment laws regarding illegall’s is a load of CRAP!!!

    I will hold both Giffords and Dupnik accountable for the LIES they are spouting in the current TV ad that turns everything they have said about this issue on its head!