McCain’s Slide into Irrelevance


By Michael Bryan

Crybaby2Senator McCain has embarrassed himself, and the state of Arizona, over his baseless attacks on Susan Rice and the Obama Administration regarding the Benghazi attack.

It is now clear, and has been since Petraeus' testimony, that Ambassador Rice's comments on the attack were vetted by the intellegence community and reference to terrorist involvement was removed during an interagency intelligence review, and not by the White House, as McCain baselessly and slanderously claimed.

McCain's fact-free campaign against Rice seems clearly to have been motivated by a desire to have himself appointed to a newly created select investigatory committee. He is losing his ranking position on of the Senate Armed Services Committee due to GOP term limits on key committee tenures. The only way to keep himself at the forefront of the foriegn policy discussion was to invent a pretext for a his appointment to an new investigative committee, which he would have used to punish the man who beat him in 2008, and the nation that rejected his leadership.

Mr. McCain, it is time to go. Your service to your country was notable and honorable, but now you are merely soiling your legacy.