McSally Caught Posting Fake Comments Saying How Great She Is

embarressed mcsally
Not getting sufficient praise from real people, a chagrined Martha McSally was caught praising herself on Facebook.

US Senate candidate Republican Martha McSally posted fake compliments to herself on Facebook, according to ShareBlue.

On Sunday, Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) posted a Facebook Live webcast, and the video was such a hit that the very first comment was “Great video quality! Thank you for your service!” She forgot to sign out of her own Facebook account before she patted herself on the back.

But as the congresswoman’s sharp-eyed Facebook viewers noticed, the compliment came from none other than “Rep. Martha McSally.”

“(A)re you talking to yourself, or what(?)” asked one. 

“Maybe don’t forget to switch to your fake account next time,” wrote another.

Martha McSally Facebook comments 03-19-2018

Although the goof has been called out by American Bridge, the comment remained live 24 hours after it was posted, before it was finally deleted.

The real question that remains, however, is how many fake comments praising the Arizona Republican were successfully posted on her page.

It’s not a surprise that McSally would resort to this sort of fakery to boost the appearance of her popularity. She boasted of Trump’s endorsement in her Senate campaign kickoff video, and has been a reliable Trump ally. Trump himself has invented multiple imaginary characters to praise him to the press, and even invented an entire automotive plant to brag about a fake accomplishment.

Unfortunately for McSally, she will need real voters to win her Senate bid, something Republicans are finding increasingly difficult to come by, even in once-safe red seats.


  1. Because sometimes Teh Internets are not a complete cesspool, there are now lots of “Thank you for your service” and “Great video quality” comments popping up in McSally’s Twitter feed.

    Hey Internets, thank you for your service!

    And a shout out to Larry Bodine for bringing some joy today.

  2. Seems the good Congresswoman has been caught at performing what is known as “auto-fellatio”.

    • Well, as you know, I do occasionally troll McSally on FB and Twitter. Sometimes I read a few of the comments, generally just to gauge the degree to which they are supportive or critical.

      I have had my suspicions for some time that at least some of the supportive comments are not genuine. And it is kind of funny that she got caught.

      However, McSally isn’t particularly good at social media, definitely not one of the rising stars. But I would imagine it is difficult for someone who has decided to keep her head inside Trump’s ass to be interesting, informative, truthful, and occasionally funny. When you have so little to work with, it must be a real slog to keep yourself out there and relevant, even to the deplorables.

      • Interesting comment, Liza. And no obvious spelling or grammatical errors.

        Try not to reference Trump’s ass so often. People really don’t want to think about it.

        • Thank you for your service.


          John Barron aka David Dennison aka The Vulgar Talking Yam

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