Media frenzy – media fail


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The media is at its worst when it is trying to be the first to report "breaking news." Is there some kind of prize for this? What the hell does it matter if you are first? How about being the news organization that gets it right for a change? I know, not your business model.

There are conflicting reports today about whether a person has
been taken into custody in the deadly terror bombings of the
Boston Marathon on Monday. Hint: FAUX News Fraudcasting and TeaNN (formerly CNN) jumped the gun in trying to one up each other for a fractional share of cable viewers who don't have anything better to do with their lives than to watch the tee-vee all day.

If you want to know what is going on with the Boston Marathon bombings, turn off the idiot box and go to the Boston Globe at Globe source: Bombing suspectin custody amid conflicting reports:

While a source told the Globe that a person had been taken into
custody and other news organizations reported the same, based on their
own sources, the US attorney’s office, the FBI, and Boston police issued
statements saying no one had been arrested.

Contrary to widespread reporting, no arrest has been made in
connection with the Boston Marathon attack
,” the FBI said. The agency,
which is leading the bombing probe, asked the media to “exercise
caution” and check with official channels before reporting information.

Meanwhile, the city’s federal courthouse, where a large contingent of
media had gathered in anticipation of an appearance by the suspect, has
been evacuated this afternoon [for a bomb threat phoned in].

A Globe source with knowledge of the case said earlier in the day
that an image had been captured of a suspect carrying, and perhaps
dropping, a black bag at the second bombing scene on Boylston Street,
outside of the Forum restaurant.

The official also said a surveillance camera at Lord & Taylor,
located directly across the street, has provided clear video of the
area, though it was unclear whether the image of the suspect was taken
from that camera.

“The camera from Lord & Taylor is the best source of video so
far,” said Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.
“All I know is that they are making progress.”

Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said shortly before noon after
leaving FBI headquarters that investigators were “working hard and
there’s a lot going on,” but he had no comment on whether progress had
been made. No arrests were reported this morning.

Authorities may publicize their findings as early as this afternoon. A news conference was slated for 4 p.m. EST.