Medicaid Documentation Requirement Disproportionately Harms Non-Hispanics

Link: Medicaid Documentation Requirement Disproportionately Harms Non-Hispanics, New State Data Show: Rule Mostly Hurts U.S. Citizen Children, Not Undocumented Immigrants, 7/10/07.

In yet another example of how Republican policymaking turns out to be just dumb-fuckery in disguise, a new study shows that new requirements to prove citizenship in order to obtain Medicaid benefits are actually harming poor American kids far more than undocumented aliens.

Just another example of how the Republican Party’s war on Americans rides under cover of xenophobia, racism, and hatred. They would have you believe that they only hate people different than them, but in reality they just hate Americans. The GOP should adopt a new slogan, "Destroying America from within".

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1 thought on “Medicaid Documentation Requirement Disproportionately Harms Non-Hispanics”

  1. I recently had a conversation with the CEO of THE AARP William D. Novelli about his advocating for millions of Children(SCHIP PROGRAM) OVER that of his constituenty of representing people 50 and above for insurance reasons.

    This came about as I found out that insuring nine million children (4) Million of whom are Illegal Immigrants) would be paid for by medicare REDUCING coverages and funding to Hospitals and Doctors of CURRENT Medicare recepients and Medicare A&B and Part D of Retired and The Disabled!

    Mike this is NOT a pipe dream it is FACT!

    I do NOT think that DESTROYING the WHOLE HMO MEDICARE SYSTEM that currently Insures 75 million LEGAL American Citizens for the sake of 5 million Children who are uninsured; ( BUT CAN HAVE MEDICAL CARE FOR FREE IF TAKEN TO ANY E.R. ROMM IN AMERICA)is doing anyone any good! Because the childrens care would be even MORE LIMITED than the Seniors Care!

    Why not just focus on the Uninsured Children INSTEAD of changing the WHOLE SYSTEM that is WORKING for 75 Million people now insured through Medicare?

    Why not form an Advocacy group of people 18 and BELOW called the APreTeenINS; that its sole foucus is insuring people 18 and BELOW? Then lobby Congress to work on that age group instead of DESTOYING MEDICARE MEDICADE for everyone else??!!

    Today Milions of people around the World are coming to The United States for Medical Treatment they CAN NOT RECEIVE in there home Counties NATIONAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!!

    Just ask anyone from Canada why they come to the United States for Medical Treatment instead of Waiting for upwards of a YEAR for any operation from A TO Z!!??
    It is done with-in WEEKS in the United States!

    Doctors and Hospitals are being paid LESS than what is needed for a Visit and have restricted there visits to 15 minutes to compensate for the shortfall!!

    Mike I can NOT go to a Doctor and have medical issues taken care of in a FIVE MINUTE VISIT because “ITS FOR THE CHILDREN!!!”


    William Novelli used the word ” COMPREHENSIVE” so many times there was hardly room for any other words!

    We can all see where this guy is going for “HILLARY CARE!!”

    I CANCELLED MY MEMBERSHIP TO AARP and warned Novelli of MILLIONS more Cancellations unless he returns the AARP BACK to representing people 50 and above!

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