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The Arizona Republic's Laurie Roberts, who promoted Operation Dekookification of the GOP in the Arizona legislature, has failed miserably. The Tea Party has doubled-down on crazy. Just take a look at the new committee chairs in the House and Senate. Several of these chairs are the favorite culture warriors of Cathi Herrod and her Center for Arizona Policy. Several more are the Birther-Bircher-Secessionist variety. Yeah, I see a whole lot of moderation there, Ms. Roberts —not! Oh Lord, it's going to be a long two years.


  • Education                                                     Rep. Doris Goodale
  • Transportation                                              Rep. Karen Fann
  • Energy, Environment & Natural Resources        Rep. Frank Pratt
  • Reform & Human Services                              Rep. Steve Montenegro
  • Health                                                          Rep. Heather Carter
  • Commerce                                                    Rep. Tom Forese
  • Higher Education & Workforce Development    Rep. Jeff Dial
  • Rules                                                            Rep. Bob Robson
  • Ways & Means                                                Rep. Debbie Lesko
  • Financial Institutions                                     Rep. Kate Brophy McGee
  • Appropriations                                              Rep. John Kavanagh
  • Government                                                  Rep. Michele Ugenti
  • Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility               Rep. Justin Olson
  • Public Safety, Military &Regulatory Affairs      Rep. Justin Pierce
  • Insurance & Retirement                                 Rep. Phil Lovas
  • Judiciary                                                      Rep. Eddie Farnsworth
  • Agriculture & Water                                      Rep. Brenda Barton
  • Technology & Infrastructure                           Rep. David Stevens


  • Appropriations                                Sen. Don Shooter
  • Finance                                          Sen. Steve Yarbrough
  • Judiciary                                        Sen. Rick Murphy
  • Public Safety                                  Sen.-elect Chester Crandell
  • Education                                       Sen.-elect Kimberly Yee
  • Health & Human Services                Sen. Nancy Barto
  • Commerce, Energy & Military          Sen. Al Melvin
  • Natural Resources                           Sen. Steve Pierce
  • Elections                                        Sen. Michele Reagan
  • Transportation                                Sen. Rich Crandall
  • Government & Environment             Sen. Gail Griffin
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  1. I noticed that too. Laurie Roberts wants the permanent Republican majority that Karl Rove promised her, just not the wingnut Birthers-Birchers-Secessionist variety. She has dismissed Democrats as “irrelevant.” That belies her claims of moderation and reasonableness. She is just another mouthpiece for the Arizona Republican Party at The Arizona Republic(an).

  2. Roberts has saved face for the entire upcoming session, though. Every bad act of every Republican in the Legislature will henceforth be blamed on the Democrats in Tempe’s LD26, who had the audacity to elect Ed Ableser over St. Jerry Lewis, who would have saved the entire Legislature from extremism just as surely as he saved us all from Russell Pearce.