Memo to Sanders Supporters: BLM Activists Are Not the Enemy


My guess is that the challenge Bernie Sanders is wrestling with right now is locating each of his supporters individually and throttling all of them for their insane response to the Black Lives Matter activism.

Apparently the logic of Sanders’ supporters is that if they trash, demonize and verbally assault the BLM activists, Sanders will capture the Black primary vote next year. And if that’s not enough, perhaps insult them by insinuating that they’re doing Hillary’s bidding under some grand conspiracy theory.

Sanders of course knows better than this. You can almost hear his head exploding. I like Sanders and want him to win. But even if I were not a supporter, I’d still feel for him. The job of controlling an overly rabid base is a harrowing exercise in needle threading. Come down too harshly and you lose their support. Don’t do enough and the damage they do may be irreparable.

Imagine how Black voters feel each time they read one of the slams on Facebook or in blog posts. Call me crazy, but I think they’re driven away from Sanders, not towards him. I thought the purpose of supporting a candidate was to win him votes, not cost him votes. Silly me.

If things don’t change, there’s a very real possibility that the primary campaign next year unfolds this way: Sanders wins by slight margins in Iowa and New Hampshire, then fails to break single digits in South Carolina and is out of the race before the Florida primary. At which point the demonization of Blacks by Sanders’ supporters begins anew.

Of course, there’s always the possibility this obscure blog post will go viral, be read by all Sanders supporters, and magically cause them to get their heads out of their collective asses.

Here’s hoping.


  1. Your assurance of being a Bernie supporter aside …. the article spins against Bernie but that’s fine …. he’s growing more popular by the day …. as far as Pamela’s assertion that she was disappointed in Bernie’s response …… well … sorry …. but there is a point when things get close to Assault and Battery …..not to mention the fact that if Bernie had been an elderly man on the street or in his home that this could have very easily qualified as “abuse of an elderly person” whether you like it or not …. Bullying is wrong ….. and actually Bernie is now even stronger even many of the BLM folks are supporting him lol … Sorry Hillary 🙂
    Leonard Clark

    • The article really doesn’t “spin against Bernie” if you actually read it. The article expresses sympathy for him because he understands well what many of his supporters don’t understand. That’s why I say, expressly, “Sanders, of course, knows better than this.” Did you actually read the article? I frankly don’t see how you could have done so and concluded that it “spins against Bernie.”


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    • Damn, that explains a lot! The RWNJ want to start a battle within the Democratic Party. That’s why they are targetting Bernie! And soon the other Dems. i hope the Democratic candidates figure out hiw to prevent their events from being hijacked. And publicize the funding sources for the people responsible! (Betting Koch Bros. money involved in some way.) Where are the investigative journalists? Get ’em!

  3. I have been struggling to understand why BLM has been targeting Bernie. I support both Bernia and Hillary, I like them both and Biden too, and have not decided who I will be voting for yet. But in trying to figure out why this group is targeting Bernie, or for that matter any Democratic candidate, when they are going to support BLM as opposed to the Republicans who are truly deserving of the disruption of BLM, I can only conclude that it is because Bernie Sandersis an easy target. He doesn’t go around with a lot of security. His events are open, and easy to enter. And if you take them over you are not escorted off the stage by huge men. Easy. But strategically does this really help BLM? Nope. It just makes them look bad. Beating up on the little old white guy. In addition they are getting lots of coverage on progressive circles but none in the main stream media which is where they need to be. I support their goal, I just think they are doing it wrong. They are fighting a problem of systemic racism. You can’t have any positive affect by going after your friends, it is time to take it to the enemy. BLM needs to go after the Donald and the other Republican candidates. It is they who want to maintain the system. Time to attack your enemies instead of your friends. BLM will get more media traction that way too, since all eyes are on the Republican candidates.

    • I don’t think it’s a mystery why they are targeting Sanders. Read Bernie’s 12 point plan. It doesn’t specifically address the structural racism or structural sexism that are oppressing large groups of Americans.

      I was really disappointed in his press release after the Seattle event. It starts out with HIM saying he’s disappointed in the protesters. Ouch. Bernie– lose the attitude and start listening.

      • He’s really no different than Hillary, although she may be dealing with the situation better. BLM is a huge annoyance to both of them. It means they have to work for Black votes. Imagine that? The indignity of it all. And working for the Black vote could, in their minds, be at odds with their plan to capture the White working class vote from Republicans.

        • The big question, yes elephant in the room, is how does ANY President deal with structural racism? You can’t forceably integrate neighborhoods and towns. White flight has made really good integration impossible. You can integrate schools within the public school system. But you can’t integrate charters in the exurbs with public school students. And you can’t force people of low income into high income regions, or people of high income into low income regions. The first causes white flight, the second raises housing costs so high it drives out the low income people. What do you do? Realistically there is not much any President or Presidential candidate can do other than be a role model and call for Voting Rights Act restoration. All of which has already been done.

          I think the problem of structural racism is more a problem of class mobility and income inequality with a racial overlay. If you are stuck in the lowest income classes, regardless of race, you have a hard time moving to the next rung of the ladder. But if you are dark- skinned on top of low income it becomes that much more difficult. Education would help but public systems are being starved for funding (by Republicans) and charters are haphazard at best with the good ones too far away for many minority students to travel to, or do not accept those students (yes racism in charter schools exists, they find all kinds of reasons not to accept certain students). Education could help if there was greater demand for those fields that call for an education. But as an educated person in Tucson I can tell you without the Universities getting more funding good jobs for educated people are extremely limited in most places that are not on the coasts. What is really happening is the job market for the middle class is disappearing, and with it go the chances for people of low income to rise to higher income. Without that demand there is no way to correct structural racism, Bernie Sanders (and the other Democratic candidates too) has a message that should appeal to the people of BLM as well as all people who are not the .1% but he is not getting a chance to be heard. At some point folks have to step aside and let the candidates be heard. But at the same timewe can’t expect all f societies troubles to be fixed by the man or woman in the Presidency. They need a willing Congress (which means people have to vote) and they need willing people at the lower levels of government to act on these things (which means people have to vote down ballot and on non-Presidential election cycles.

  4. Thank you to this gentleman for sharing this youtube …. he speaks truth to power…..
    A message for Bernie Sanders: you were targeted because you draw a big audience. That’s all. “The ‘war’ continues. #feelthebern.”

  5. Hey Bob, you paint all Bernie supporters as against BLM good little trick but almost all of we Bernie supporters support BLM not the “rogues” who portrayed themselves as BLM.
    Many but not all of Tucson’s rich Democrats support Clinton …. this article I’m sure will make them happy … but not to worry we peasants even live in Tucson and … we’re not going away old chap, lol. Please, why don’t you attack the Republicans? Oh … I forgot ….you CONservative/Support elitist Democrats are very close cousins. Again, nice spin job for the Clinton family LOL.
    Leonard Clark
    Progressive Democratic peasant

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