Message to Millennials: I’ll Defer to You On This One


The most eye-popping statistic I saw from last night’s Iowa caucuses was that, of Democratic caucus-goers under 30, Sanders bested Clinton by a whopping 70 points, 84 to 14.

Which brought me back to 1972. I was a 16-year old McGovern supporter, but had to watch old morons re-elect Nixon. By the way they were voting, you’d have thought their lives would be lost if the Vietnam war wasn’t brought to a close, and they were willing to sacrifice them for such a noble cause.

Millennials have about 3 times as much at stake in this election as I do. They have about three-fourths of their lives left to live. I have about one-fourth of mine left. If there’s some crazy war, they’re the ones whose lives are at stake. If the economy continues to sputter, producing only low-end jobs, they’re the ones whose careers will never launch.

So, they get to make this call, at least as far as I’m concerned.

It’s mere coincidence that I happen to agree with them 100 percent. 🙂


  1. Yup. The right wing noise machine then called McGovern a peacenik. Yup a 35 mission B-24 pilot with a DFC. He knew what war was. My first presidental vote. A truly great American.

  2. Even though the message was short, Bob, your words are very true. If the cancer has taught me nothing else, it has made it crystal clear to me that my time here is limited. Whatever happens with politics and government will have little real effect on me but it will have a big effect on my Grandchildren. Thank you for reminding of that. The cancer treatments are kicking my behind, but I am going to survive it. I will remember what you said when I am in remission and do what’s appropropriate.

    • Interesting that you responded as you did. I raised the same issue on Facebook, in a different way, and was attacked my progressive friends. I know there’s no other way to do it, but I find it troubling that I could vote for policies that are great for the next 25 years and horrible after that, and have the same voice in that decision as a 30 year old. I’d never do it consciously, because I have kids and a grandkid, but I don’t think it’s that easy for people to vote from the perspective of others. If you look at how Sun City residents vote on matters related to school funding, you can make a case they don’t.

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