Michelle Reagan, Arizona Secretary of State or 21st Century “Not Ready For Prime Time Player”?

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

Of course, unlike the real Not Ready For Prime Time Players, people are laughing at, not *with* her...

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan, the state’s chief elections officer, has had a tough few months.

First up: there were some massively long lines during Arizona’s presidential primary in March.  Those lines were in Maricopa County, so the elections officer there (County Recorder Helen Purcell) took much of the heat for that, but some, inevitably, ended up on Reagan.

Then in May, in the weeks leading up to an incredibly close special election, her office failed to follow state law and send voter information pamphlets to hundreds of thousands of voters.

Now, this week, she is refusing to follow state law requiring her to issue updated manuals for election workers.

Now, I’m not going to pile on Secretary Reagan (well, not too much), but part of her job is to help people become voters.

She seems to be failing in that regard (as well as in the above areas) –

Phoenix ComicCon 2016, Friday night.  Pic courtesy Rebecca Wininger











And it isn’t like she just plumb forgot about Phoenix ComicCon.  From Twitter –









That’s not the only part of her job she’s failing at (though elections are a *big* part of that job).

From the AZSOS’ “Media Center” page –






Note the “@REALAZsos” Twitter handle; it doesn’t match the “@SecretaryReagan” handle for the tweet above.

So I checked out the one linked on Reagan’s official website.

Does anyone read Russian (at least, I think it’s Russian)?








4 responses to “Michelle Reagan, Arizona Secretary of State or 21st Century “Not Ready For Prime Time Player”?

  1. Frances Perkins

    The fact is she does not want 80% of the voters to vote. She wants her select 21% to vote only, (and she wants unlimited dark money). She and her ALEC cronies would be out of office. If she believed any of it, we would have immediate, universal registration, without a bunch of paperwork to prove who you are. Do your damn job, Michelle, without a bunch of blaming someone else.

    • captain*arizona

      universal registration could be put on ballot also make it a felony to prevent an american citizen of arizona from registering or voting. no one wants non citizens from voting but no one should want to prevent american citizens from voting.

  2. captain*arizona

    so when does the recall start?

  3. TapacoB would probably do a better job of being SoS….considering the job Reagan has done so far!