The grand opening of Former New York Mayors Mike Bloomberg’s Phoenix office at 801 East Washington did not happen?

Why is that?


Because the 300 people they expected to show up did not.

1600 people (including virtually the same press corp that attended the Warren rally last summer) came instead and the Bloomberg team had to move the event to a considerably larger venue at 215 East Grant to accommodate the surge in interest. 

Phoenix Police, because of Fire Marshall’s concerns, had to keep 200 of the 1600 people out of the event.

Among the attendees at the event were former Phoenix Mayors Terry Goddard and Paul Johnson. Senate Democratic Leader David Bradley and Legislative District 29 State Representative Cesar Chavez were in attendance. Candidates for office like Deedra Abboud (Maricopa County Board of Supervisors,) Dr. Hiral Tipirneni (Congressional District Six) and Michael Muscato (Congressional District Eight) were among the crowd.

Introducing Bloomberg

Maral Sabeti, a Bloomberg supporter and Representative Chavez stoked the enthusiasm of the 1400 person crowd by making comments like:

  • “Trump, you’re fired.”
  • “Mike Bloomberg will defeat Donald Trump, bring back integrity, put the U.S. back on track.”
  • “I remember how I felt on November 9, 2016. I don’t want to feel like that this November.”
  • “Are you ready Arizona? We need to turn out everyone we know to make sure he (Trump) doesn’t set foot on the White House again.”
  • “Let’s be on the front of the next blue wave.”

Bloomberg outlines his Presidential Goals.

Chavez then introduced Bloomberg who gave a speech outlining where he wanted to take the country, discussed his background, and how he was unlike Trump.

Saying he wanted to put “the united” back in the United States of America, Bloomberg said, “I am campaigning right here and all the other states that will decide the election.”

Pledging to bring “less partisanship and less tweeting,” the former New York Mayor said he will “campaign for compassion and human decency.” He said he would fight for:

  • Providing health insurance for everyone
  • Common sense gun safety.
  • Positioning the United States as a global leader in the fight against climate change.
  • Good jobs with higher wages.
  • Addressing discrimination and inequality.
  • Fixing the broken immigration system.
  • Protecting women’s rights.
  • Nominating Judges that will protect women’s rights.
  • Coming together to build a country we will be proud of.
  • Bringing Democrats like Mark Kelly to the Senate.

Bloomberg then touted his record as New York Mayor to reassure the crowd that he means what he says. He cited his record of:

  • Raising teacher salaries.
  • Raising school graduation rates.
  • Cutting the number of medically uninsured.
  • Reducing New York’s carbon footprint.
  • Helping to bring down the murder rate.
  • Forming a Gun Safety Movement.
  • Brought down the homeless rates.
  • Instituted anti-poverty programs.

He then said he was “The Un Trump” saying:

  • “He (Trump) makes promises and I keep them.”
  • “He (Trump) divides and I unite”
  • “I believe in science.”
  • “I tell the truth.”
  • “He inherited (his wealth) and I am self-made.”

The former Mayor then recounted his professional and political rise over the last 35 years.

He then closed by saying:

“We are a country that refuses to accept poverty, injustice, and inequality. I will bring people together like I did as Mayor and rebuild the promise of America. I need your help. Talk to your friends and family. Tell them to vote and let’s get this done. Health care! Jobs! Quality Education no matter zip code. Opportunity for all. Clean out the Oval Office. Welcome to Bloomberg 2020.”

Reaction to the Bloomberg Presentation. 

The reaction to Bloomberg’s presentation was very positive.

Jewel Fields, a Phoenix resident, said:

“I wanted to hear what he had to say. I want to hear from all the candidates. I liked what he had to say. I might join the campaign but I still haven’t decided.”

Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson commented that:

“We need to nominate someone who could defeat Donald Trump. You have to be able to win the Electoral College. If you can win Arizona, you can capture the Electoral College. Mike is not a demagogue. He will pull us back together.”

Arizona Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato relayed that:

Bloomberg brings a “common sense approach and solutions. He is less talk and more action. Exactly what this country needs.”

Former Mayor Paul Johnson is right. Democrats need a candidate that can win the Electoral College as well as the Popular Vote.

To do that, Arizona with the highly populated and shifting blue Maricopa County are prizes the eventual Democratic Nominee should strongly covet and campaign for.

For more information on the Bloomberg campaign, please click on their website here and Facebook Page here.