Link: Scottsdale chamber, Mitchell talks tax cuts.

" Mitchell argues that capital gains cuts help middle class investors and estate tax reductions aid small businesses."

Harry, Harry, Harry… What are we going to do with you. I understand you need to get elected, and I want you to be re-elected – I really do. But you shouldn’t lie to people. Nor bolster the GOP’s lies by giving them credence.


I challenged your staff months ago to produce any evidence that the Bush capital gains and estate tax breaks you want to make permanent would benefit the middle class. All I heard back was the chirping of Jiminy Cricket. I sent them solid Congressional Research Service reports spanning over a decade that prove conclusively that there is negligible benefit to middle income folks from these kinds of tax cuts. The vast majority of the benefits go directly to the extremely wealthy and stay there. ‘Trickle down’ is a cruel joke and not Democratic policy. Yet here you are continuing to spin the same tired lies as the GOP.

Harry, you need to get a grip. We both know that even if you get this beast on the calendar, you’ll never get it passed. Your advocacy is not only founded in lies, but you are blatantly pandering, knowing that you will never be able to make good on your proposal. You are selling Republican voters the same tired bill of goods that their own politicians have sold them for the past 20 years. Isn’t it time that someone spoke honestly to Republican voters instead of treating them like mushrooms (keeping them in the dark and feeding them bullshit)?

Democrats deserve better from you. Even Republicans deserve better from you. You could start with simply telling the truth. The only people who benefit from these tax breaks you are touting are those who are writing $2300 checks to fund Congressional campaigns.

I challenge you and your staff to provide any credible proof that these tax breaks benefit the middle class to any appreciable degree when compared to their benefits to the wealthiest among us. I will publish anything you send me, credible or not, along side CRS data and let people decide.

Harry, you need to listen to your inner Jiminy, rather than your mischievous little Pinochio.