Mitt and Barbara — Soulmates


Posted by Bob Lord

I haven’t written about Mitt, my buddy, in a few days, and he’s been so busy. Is there a more pathetic endorsement to accept than Donald Trump’s?

But I digress. Here’s my two cents on the “I’m not concerned about the poor, they have a safety net” line. I’m guessing someone else has made this comparison already, but I’ve not seen it. When I first heard the tape, I flashed back to Barbara Bush, when she visited the Astrodome in Houston in the aftermath of Katrina. The flood victims had just been bussed there from New Orleans, where they had spent the prior week living in totally hellish conditions. So, there’s thousands of them in cots, side by side, on the Astrodome floor, and Babs remarks how they don’t normally have it very good in life, so “this is working out pretty well for them.”

Mitt’s channeling Barbara. Think about it.

Unfeeling. Check. Clueless. Check. Elitist. Check. Racist. Check.

They’re soulmates.