Mohur Sidhwa Speaks Out on Theocracy vs. Democracy


Our own Mohur Sidhwa, Chairperson the Democratic Party in LD 28 and First Vice-Chair of Pima County, recorded a commentary recently on science and religion and the necessary separation of the two. Mohur grew up amid sexism and religious intolerance in the land of her birth and escaped to a place she expected to be different. That difference is quickly being eroded. I wish Mohur had related more of her personal history in her commentary, but know that hers is the voice of experience, as well as that of wisdom.

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  1. As it seems no one cares about the opinions of ms. Sidhwa I might remind her that The United States is a Democracy NOT a Theocracy. We fought hard to keep religious freedoms and separation of those beliefs from the governing of The People. Unlike Radical Islam that wants The United States to return to the 7th Century.

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