Moments When Leaders Are Made


Posted by Bob Lord

As we reel from the tragedy in Newtown, we know it is in times like this that new leaders arise. Who will step out of the shadows and lead the fight to bring sanity to our gun laws?

There's no question who is best positioned to lead at this time. Nobody in Congress has better standing on this issue than our own Ron Barber. As Gabby's staffer, with Mark Kelly at his side, and as a victim of a mass shooting himself, Ron Barber has the platform to speak out loud and clear. If ever there was an opportunity for a cautious politician to break free of his timidity and accomplish someting huge, this is it. If Ron Barber were to seize this moment, he would succeed. The time is right, the country is ready, and the NRA would be beaten. And, years from now, Ron would be remembered as a hero. 

Time will tell if he's up to it. We'll all be watching.


  1. As a comedian once said “Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but…”

    I’ll make a prediction that “Ron Barber is not the leader you are looking for.” None of the other elected officials from Arizona with Washington, DC offices are either. Even with an Arizona Republic (Saturday) front page devoted to the recent massacre in Connecticut, the assumed support of billionaire and founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Michael Bloomberg, the acclaim of 92% of the media as well as a “go get-em” by Rupert Murdoch (the owner of News Corp and Fox News) there is no way that Rob Barber is going to volunteer for the position of Arizona gun control poster boy.

    The closest you might get is some meaningful action when it comes to improved mental health interventions if that.

    As a comedian once said “Of course that just my opinion. I could be wrong.”