Monday’s action in the Arizona Legislature

WatchThemLikeAHawkContinuing with this project to demonstrate what your local newspaper should be publishing every day as part its public records, instead of just reporting on the most controversial bills, here is Monday’s action in the legislature for the Calendar of the Whole (COW) Calendar, which is the next to last step for approval by a chamber, and the Third Read Calendar, which is the final step in a chamber. I have highlighted the bills that I know to be objectionable bills to alert you (e.g., several Neo-Confederate secessionist bills, and election law bills). If you know of objections to other bills, post in the comments.

This is not something for which I have the time nor the inclination to do for you every day. Like I said, this is something your local newspaper should be providing as part of its public records. They can hire some flunky intern to put together this information if they really wanted to. It’s up to you to inform yourself and  to keep an eye on the legislature, because the news media is not going to do it for you (there is no profit to them in providing it).

You need to check the legislative calendars every day, which are always subject to change. Just because a bill is posted on the calendar does not mean that it will be called to a vote. Bills are frequently continued to another day on the calendar.

Senate COW Calendar – Monday, March 9

SB118 (S/E: transportation network services; insurance coverage) – retained

SB1126 schools; daily organized physical activity – do pass

SB1306 schools; data privacy – retained

SB1328 eligibility verification; public programs – retained

SB1329 nutrition assistance; limitations; benefit card – do pass

SB1395 state-owned bank task force; appropriation – do pass

SCR 1001 clean elections repeal; education funding – do pass

Senate Third read Calendar – Monday March 9

SB1192 community college tuition financing districts. Passed 27-0.

SB1271 virtual border fence; appropriation. Passed 22-5.

SB1343 (Now: unemployment insurance; reimbursable employers). Passed 27-0.

SB1422 G&F; veterans; bonus point. Passed 26-1.

SB1423 incorporation; urbanized areas. Passed 23-4.

SB1459 pupils; restraint; seclusion; requirements. Passed 27-0.


SB1308 return to work program. Passed 26-1.

SB1325 first responder special plates. Passed 25-2.


HB2109 ballot; form; secondary property taxes. Object to consent.

HB2128 leased religious property; class nine. Object to consent.

HB2288 scrap metal dealers; registration information. (No action).

House COW Calendar – Monday, March 9

HB2368 sovereign authority; executive orders; DOJ – Do Pass

HB2374 wrongful death actions; disqualified party – Do Pass

HB2442 community college expenditure limits; recalculation – Retained on Calendar

HB2449 water protection; technical correction – Retained on Calendar

HB2616 public school credit; equalization assistance – Retained on Calendar

HB2643 sovereign authority; affordable care act – Do Pass

HB2647 information technology; title 18 – Retained on Calendar

HB2176 (S/E: federal land relinquishment; payments) – Do Pass

HB2431 uniform firearms transfer compact – Do Pass

HB2567 school district budget errors; repayment – Do Pass

HB2629 supreme court; attorney licensing – Do Pass

HB2636 (S/E: underground storage tank program; eligibility) – Do Pass

House Third read Calendar – Monday March 9

HB2008 (Now: fireworks). Passed 32-27. Transmit to Senate.

HB2016 (Now: corporation commission; database). (No action)

HB2063 cities and towns; technical correction, Passed 36-23. Transmit to Senate.

HB2069 (Now: income tax reduction; online TPT). (No action)

HB2138 (Now: now; primary election date). FAILED 26-33. Motion to Reconsider on Wednesday, March 11 approved.

HB2165 (Now: veteran education; fund; advisory committee). Passed 56-3. Transmit to Senate.

HB2175 public rights-of-way; claims. Passed 35-24. Transmit to Senate.

HB2246 statewide assessments; parental opt out. Passed 35-24. Transmit to Senate.

HB2262 school district transportation; JTED students. (No Action)

HB2265 lieutenant governor; duties; ballot. (No Action)

HB2316 small water systems fund. (No Action)

HB2318 transfer of public lands compact. (No Action)

HB2364 universities; funding revisions. (No Action)

HB2416 annual report; licensee; filing extension (No Action)

HB2480 municipalities; pawnbrokers; gold; prohibited fees. Passed 31-28. Transmit to Senate.

HB2481 amendment ratification; certificate; archivist. (No Action)

HB2483 school tax credit; classroom expenses. (No Action)

HB2519 relocation of child; parenting plans. (No Action)

HB2537 charter schools; teachers; funding. (No Action)

HB2563 health facilities; substance abuse recovery. (No Action)

HB2599 water supply development fund; committee. (No Action)

HB2603 personal injury action; asbestos; requirements. (No Action)

HB2604 epinephrine auto‑injectors. (No Action)

HB2610 community college collegiate special plates. (No Action)

HB2613 political activity; public resources; limitation. (No Action)

HB2617 regulatory relief tax credit. (No Action)

HB2622 student count; growth; current year. (No Action)

HB2649 campaign finance; political committee; definition. (No Action)

HB2653 tax liens; delinquency; partial payments. (No Action)

HCM2001 federal balanced budget amendment. (No Action)

HCM2005 federal lands; devolution to Arizona. (No Action)

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