C. Montgomery Burns endorses Willard ‘Mittens’ Romney

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The Simpsons' evil archetype, Montgomery C. Burns, endorses Willard Mittens Romney in this promo for The Simpsons season premiere. Mr. Burns puts Seamus (Romney's dog) to the test of choosing between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Video below the fold.

One response to “C. Montgomery Burns endorses Willard ‘Mittens’ Romney

  1. The real-life Montgomery Burns would be happy with either Romney or Obama and could care less whether Broccoli Barack or Meaty Mitt were elected.

    “Big Nuclear’s cosy relationship with the Obama administration”

    I don’t oppose or support nuclear power out of hand. As a Libertarian I want government to get out of the marriage license business and to end its direct and indirect subsidies for the solar AND nuclear AND oil industries.