More Catfood Commission nonsense from the the media villagers

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I was watching the presidential press conference this morning when Chuck Todd (NBC/MSNBC), whom I consider to be an idiot, asked the president about his fiscal commission (aka Catfood Commission), asserting that the commission reached a "majority consensus" on recommendations, so why doesn't the president's budget contain the commission's recommendations? (I am paraphrasing here).

Haven't we been over this before? And didn't i warn you that the media villagers would try to convince you that the Catfood Commission actually made recommendations?

2book4 The president's bipartisan fiscal commission aka the Catfood Commission failed. Any recommendations it considered were not official (the Bowles-Simpson chairmen's mark). Not one recommendation garnered the statutory requisite 14 of 18 supporting votes to refer it to Congress, and thus the commission did not have an official vote.

Which it couldn't have done anyway because the statutory authorization for the commission expired before the committee took up the chairmen's mark for consideration. It failed to meet its statutory deadline.

There is absolutely no reason for the Obama administration to follow the "recommendations" of the commission, because it failed to produce any. That's the inconvenient fact that idiot media villagers like Chuck Todd continue to ignore.

What made this worse is that the President answered Todd's question, saying that he is not ignoring the "recommendations" of his Catfood Commission. He said that he agrees with some of its "recommendations" and disagrees with others. "Some did not go far enough." Oh, dear God.

So we are all going to pretend that the failed Catfood Commission actually did something because oh so serious people want to pretend the oh so serious recommendations of the oh so serious Catfood Commission are oh so serious.

Alice has gone through the looking glass.

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