More Housekeeping

Today, following a hiatus, I restarted the Arizona Donkey Feed feature with new selections of what's news around Arizona. The Feed is the daily (or reasonable approximation of daily) news selections by me, impresario/curator Michael Bryan, from the blogs and news outlets covering Arizona politics and current events. It's a one-stop spot to see what's what in the A to the Z.

To read The Feed you can visit directly, or just stop by this blog and see the latest 10 selections on the sidebar. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed in your favorite reader or via email if you prefer.

Another note on the new comment system: if you have a favorite (or the opposite) commenter on BfAZ, you can now subscribe to that person's comments by clicking on the avatar icon next to their comments and choosing FOLLOW. Their comments to any blog then wind up linked to your Typepad Profile page for easy access. You can even make an RSS feed out of a person's comment stream. Remember that now that comments are threaded, you may choose to respond directly to a post, or directly to a comment to a post by choosing 'reply' just below the comment you want to respond to. You must be signed in to your Typepad Profile to see this option.

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