More on East Valley Patriots for American Values

by David Safier

I posted the other day about the gall of some progressive group calling itself Patriots for American Values. Those folks are in danger of being sued by the Right for copyright infringement. "Don't those lefties know we own the words Patiot, American and Values?"

Here's more about the group, which calls itself East Valley Patriots for American Values:

East Valley organizers have formed a group to oppose state Sen. Russell Pearce, hoping to build momentum on a local level for a different approach to immigration and other key issues.

The East Valley Patriots for American Values say the state's voters have disagreed with Pearce on education and state spending, but that the Mesa Republican doesn't represent everyday people at the Capitol.


The group plans to stop what they call Pearce's "politics of fear, hatred and division." It will take a calm approach to issues rather than turning to confrontational tactics, said Barabe, a retired teacher who lives in Chandler.

Apparently, the group plans to modify the Utah Compact, a cross-partisan/cross-religion document out of Utah calling for sanity in the immigration debate, and ask East Valley cities to pass resolutions in support.

It's hopeful to me these folks are getting some press, and that they're looking for a way to further their cause using methods that looks sane next to Pearce's red faced rantings.

If any of our friends to the north know more about the doings of the East Valley Patriots for American Values, please let us at BfA know, either by posting a comment or by emailing me at

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