More Viral Videos

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix. (Photo by Dennis Gilman)

I may have figured out how to embed videos. Or I just got lucky.

The Sanders team went up with a few more viral videos over the weekend. There was another in which I was featured, now over 1 million views, which brings my cumulative total to 5 million views. Not bad for an obscure Phoenix tax lawyer.

But the bigger splash was this one featuring my IPS colleague, Josh Hoxie, about the plight of millennials in America. Josh kills it in this video. I was there when they were shooting and had no idea he was doing so well. If you’re a millennial, you’ll want to see this. If you’re not a millennial, you need to. 


  1. Excellent videos, Bob. Bernie et al does some fine work, getting this information out there. Thank you.

  2. Hi, local millennial and frequent ‘troll’ to the blog, according to some.

    And I’m one of the lucky ones, who managed to get a combination of merit scholarships and have a family well-enough off that I was able to go to college and get advanced degrees without taking on debt. I know that I’m incredibly fortunate, and that my experience isn’t unique, but it’s not typical of most college students.

    But I think the problem doesn’t end when you get out of college. Maybe I’m just having an incredible run of bad luck, but it’s getting much more difficult to get even an entry level position than it perhaps was a few years ago, despite the fact that I have multiple Masters Degrees and a good portion of a Ph.D. finished. How many college graduates (not dropouts, actual graduates) are working for $11 an hour at Starbucks because they couldn’t get an entry-level position in their field? It sure seems like when I go through job applications, you’re just not going to be considered unless either you know the hiring manager or you have 5 years of industry experience. Just keep applying, and keep getting obvious-form-letter-rejections from a computer program, and rinse and repeat.

    I’m not saying that it’s the objectively correct decision for people to make, but when I hear of the opioid and alcoholism epidemics in Appalachia and throughout the Rust Belt, given the (lack of) economic prospects that we as a society have given so many people, I can understand the appeal of escapism into drugs that a number of people turn to.

    • You are the absolute furthest thing from a troll. I know because I occasionally dabble in the trollish arts.

      You are correct about the escapism of drugs. The problem of course is that drugs and alcohol are fun until they’re not.

      Have you tried any non-profits? That’s my dream job, but I’ve got a mortgage that won’t allow the pay cut, I’ve been in my line of work too long and make too much.

      I occasionally look on some of the progressive websites. Apply for everything, ignore the job description, just consider if you can do the actual job. Every HR department I’ve ever dealt with had me fill out a wish list for job applicants with skills and experience that I cared nothing about, I needed the right person, not the right resume.

      You are knowledgeable and write well, you could try submitting some articles to some outlets. You may get lucky and get published here and there, which would bolster your resume if you’re looking for charity or political work.

      Good luck, and thanks for your thoughtful comments here.

  3. Your videos are too factual. There’s too many verifiable facts.

    Facts, as we all now know, are fake.

    Also, well done Mr. Lord.

  4. the video I want to see is john and tony podesta explaining what the podesta groups dealings were with paul manafort and his russian financiers and how much they were going to have to “donate” to the clinton foundation and then robert muellers involvement in the uranium one deal. as tom perez just said in his best sgt, schultz impersonation ” I know nothing!” about fusion gps and why the clinton campaign was funding it! no russian collusion on the election here. I hope!

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