Political Prince of Darkness, Enemy of the People, Obstructionist in Chief, Supreme Court Thief and Conservative Court Packer Moscow Mitch McConnell is slime. He is also scum and an insult to all that is decent in a Democratic Republic.

He showed his true colors in his debate with Democratic Nominee Amy McGrath when she correctly faulted him for his part in failing to pass the next COVID 19 relief package.


What did the Enemy of the People and Political Prince of Darkness do when McGrath said:

“The House passed a bill in May and the Senate went on vacation. I mean, you just don’t do that. You negotiate Senator. This is a national crisis. “

He chuckled and laughed.

What a despicable slime ball.

215,000 people are dead, jerk. Over seven million are infected and millions more are suffering from economic and/or food insecurity.

What part of that is funny Obstructionist in Chief?

Moscow Mitch has to be defeated in 20 days.

I know McConnell is not an Arizona problem in that he is not a Grand Canyon State Candidate.

But he has proven in his capacity as both Senate Minority and Majority Leader that he is a danger to the American Republic and Democratic Process.

He has prevented House passed Election Security bills from being considered.

He has stalled on COVID 19 relief while people are suffering.

He is spending his time filling the courts with reactionary nominees, like Amy Coney Barrett, whose goal is to turn the clock back on American Progress, including in Arizona.

Go to Amy McGrath for Kentucky and see if you can donate to her campaign so she can turn out the votes she needs on November 3, 2020, to retire Moscow Mitch from politics.