Murals galore in Tucson

On the International Day of Happiness (March 20) recently, I stumbled upon the large, new “Greetings from TUCSON” mural in the back of the Miller Surplus store, 406 N. 6th Avenue. It’s on the east wall,  in the alley along E. 7th St., painted by visiting graffiti artist Ving An on a Greetingstour of America.  Photo below (even illuminated at night).  He captured the iconic images of Tucson quite well.  All photos courtesy of yours truly.

Another favorite mural of mine is on the south wall of the  now closed La Pilita Cultural Center, 420 S. Main Ave. (south of Cushing Street).  It is a more historical rendition of Tucson culture & Mexican history of this area, painted in the 1980’s by artist Martin Moreno and restored in 2011.  Photo below.

And lastly I wanted to highlight one of the new downtown murals, painted by To-Ree-Nee Wolf Keiser, at 213 E. Broadway, NE corner of 5th Avenue.  Hers is so brightly colored and depicts lots of Native American designs and motifs, entitled “Creation Story, Chaos Theory and Quantum Memory”, on the west facing wall.

Here’s the hyperlink to the other 7 murals downtown, so I encourage you to go on a walking mural tour.  Large and small,  previously blank walls have been decorated all over town.

Here’s the 2016 downtown mural project hyperlink and map:
1. Jessica Gonzales, at Wig-O-Rama, 98 E. Congress 2. Isaac Caruso, at 9 N. Scott Ave. 3. Rachel Slick, Tim Schirack, and Alexandra Gjurasic, at Café 54, 54 E …

Enjoy public art in Tucson!  I was going to just post photos and have you find these murals on your own like a scavenger hunt, but that would have been too challenging.

And if you want to see a mural in progress, drop by the NE corner of N. Stone Ave. and E. 6th St. and see muralist Joe Pagac painting his large bicycle mural (about 1/3 done).  Lots of us helped fund it with $21,616 from donors:

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