My God, could it get any worse?

by David Safier
Now he's bowing to a dog and gettting ready to knee-cap someone who's probably an important friend of freedom. What will we tell the children?


0 responses to “My God, could it get any worse?

  1. I find this whole thing about Obama as if its about only him; as when he said; ” I was only three months old when America did terrible things to Cuba and Communist Countries in South America.”

    If this was some kind of American Idol contest about one person I could understand this type of mentality.

    But when a person is elected to represent 300 million people and his title is “Commander in Chief” it means that the actions and words of this man is directly reflective of all of us!

    To say everything that happened before he was born was wrong therefore just trust in me alone for I can do no wrong; is acting the part of a leader of a third world dictatorship that has no Constitution and is lawless!

  2. That looks more like a “terrorist fist bump” with a dog.

  3. This made my day, Mr. Safier!