My Newest Follower: Robert Reich :)


Posted by Bob Lord

If I were David Safier, the title of this post would be "Shameless Self Promotion" but my doing so would be "Shameless Plagiarism."

So, last night, I did what I suspect many egotistical writers do — googled the title of my op-ed piece to see where it was picked up and, lo and behold, found this:

Robert Reich‏@RBReich20h

Right wants us to forget that top 1% is getting lion's share of income, and blame bottom 1% instead. More lies. …

12:27 PM – 16 Sep 13                 · Details

Apparently, the piece reached Mr. Reich's 154,933 followers, and of course Reich himself, and the readers of the 66 retweets.

And Truthout picked up the piece as well:

Still better stick to my day job of practicing law, though, huh? Oh well. 


  1. We don’t want you to forget it, we just want you to know that your policies caused the plight of the poor and are making it much worse.

    Placing someone on welfare should be considered a criminal act, not an act of compassion. Children from welfare families have devastating statistics. Where it has become a cultural way of life in communities, there is such a low probability of escape that

  2. I gift you the “Shameless Self Promotion” phrase — or I should probably say I regift it to you. I stole it, shamelessly, from Tedski. A great line is a terrible thing to waste (on just one blogger).

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