Nancy Barto wants everyone to learn more about abortion reversals!


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I got this forwarded to me and I wanted to present Sen. Nancy Barto’s forward in all its unironic Comic Sans glory.

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Here’s the event description:

From: Christine Accurso []
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 11:45 PM
To: Christine Accurso
Subject: Abortion Pill Reversal Presentation in Phoenix with Dr. George Delgado on 6/8

Dear Pro-Life Friends in Arizona,

I am sure you have heard by now about the Abortion Pill Reversal. Today marks the day that the 100th baby has been born thanks to this wonderful protocol. That means that 100 baby’s mothers have taken the abortion medication pill (RU-486) and changed their mind in time to reverse its effects.

On Monday evening, June 8th at 6:30pm you are invited to a free event where the doctor who is pioneering this protocol nationally, Dr. George Delgado, will be in Phoenix explaining the protocol and taking your questions. It is especially important that all pro-life medical professionals that have the ability to prescribe medication be present. Please forward this invitation to anyone you know who can prescribe medication in the State of Arizona. We need more medical professionals on the APR network so women have assistance available when they chose to reverse their decision. Dr. Delgado’s Abortion Pill Reversal network in Arizona is very slim. Beginning July 3rd, it will be part of the informed consent law for women to know that they may reverse the effects of a medication abortion, but that time is of the essence.

The priority of attendance is for medical professionals. However, anyone interested in learning more about this protocol is invited to attend, including pregnancy center staff members, sidewalk counselors and 40 Days for Life representatives.

This event is being sponsored by First Way Pregnancy Center and the Catholic Medical Association’s Phoenix Physicians Guild.

When: Monday, June 8th at 6:30pm
Where: Catholic Diocese of Phoenix Pastoral Center 400 E. Monroe Street Phoenix, AZ 85004
Parking: Free parking is available in the diocese underground parking garage off of 5th street
Questions: Email Christine Accurso at or Dr. Jim Asher at
Note: Mass will be offered at 6pm in the chapel at the DPC for those who may be interested in attending.

Again, please forward this to all of the medical professionals you know that are in the State of Arizona!

Christine Accurso
Executive Director
First Way Pregnancy Center
Phone: (602) 261-7522
Fax: (602) 257-9520

It’s unlikely I’ll be able to make it to this but if any of you would like to show up and ask probing questions of the presenters, such as “WTF?” or “are you high?” or “where’d you get your medical degree, anyway?”, I highly encourage it.


  1. Too bad arizona democrats don’t have the will to tell nancy barto about the irreversibility of post natal abortions that are coming to republicans thanks to demographic birth rates!

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