Neo-Confederate Tea-Publicans’ federal land grab efforts


Last month the attempt by Neo-Confederate secessionist Tea-Publicans in the Arizona legislature to seize federal lands was temporarily thwarted by Gov. Doug Ducey, who threw them a bone by allowing them to set up a “study committee.” Happy Earth Day: Governor Ducey Vetoed “Land-Grab” Bills:

Confederale SoldiersEarlier this month, the Arizona Legislature gleefully passed a series of bills that demanded the federal government transfer the title to all lands it owns in Arizona to the state. (In Arizona, the federal government owns 42.2 percent of land.)

The purpose of these bills was ostensibly to raise money for state institutions and programs, which would be done by selling the land or issuing grazing leases. Critics, who dubbed these efforts “the land-grab bills,” say there are other ways to fund our schools, and feel that the whole point of the bills was to appease the private sector and cattlemen. They also worry about the future management of the land, and about whether citizens would lose access to public lands.

Ducey had three slightly different “land-grab” bills on his desk, and he vetoed two of them. The first, HB 2176, required the State Land Commissioner to demand the federal government give up the title to all public lands in Arizona. It also required the state Attorney General take legal action if the transfer didn’t occur by January 1, 2022.

And the second, HB 2318, would have added Arizona to an interstate compact designed to help facilitate the transfer of public lands to the state. The compact is a 2014 Utah initiative that would have become effective after a second state signed on.

Ducey did sign the third bill, HB 2658, into law, but this one has less teeth than the other two. All it does is establish the “Transfer of Federal Lands Study Committee,” to examine the process of transferring, managing, and disposing of federal lands within Arizona.

Neo-Confederate secessionist Tea-Publicans are not just in the Arizona legislature, but are also in Congress as well. This federal land grab effort did not end with Gov. Ducey’s vetoes. GOP House Leaders Create ‘Action Group’ To Seize And Sell America’s Public Lands:

A group of Republican congressmen this week took an aggressive step in a campaign to seize and sell off America’s national forests and other public lands.

In launching what they are calling the “Federal Land Action Group,” Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) and Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) plan to develop a legislative framework for giving states control of America’s public lands. Calling the federal government a “lousy landlord for western states,” Rep. Stewart said “we simply think the states can do it better.”

Bishop, who is also chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, said that “this group will explore legal and historical background in order to determine the best congressional action needed to return these lands back to the rightful owners.”

This latest effort to transfer or dispose of national forests and public lands was immediately blasted by Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), the ranking member on the House Natural Resources Committee, as being unwise, unpopular, and illegal.

“Building on the ideas of extremists like Cliven Bundy, House Republicans have formed a group to explore the idea that if you see a federal resource you like, maybe you can just take it,” said Grijalva in a statement. “There is no legal authority to give these lands away to developers and no chance the American people will support such a scheme.”

In addition to Bishop and Stewart, the group’s “Congressional team” includes Representatives Mark Amodei (R-NV), Diane Black (R-TN), Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Cresent Hardy (R-NV), and Cynthia Lummis (R-WY). Bishop, who has long advocated for state seizure of America’s national forests and other public lands, has recently found more creative ways of pushing his Cliven Bundy-inspired agenda forward.

Earlier this week, Bishop attached a provision to a defense spending bill to delay the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from protecting the greater sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act for at least 10 years. In addition to putting the bird at high risk of extinction, the measure would turn over management authority of 60 million acres of the bird’s habitat on U.S. public lands to individual states — an area 27 times the size Yellowstone National Park.

In a letter to House leaders, 26 environmental groups called the provision a “brazen power grab of federal lands.”

Rep. Bishop and his “Federal Land Action Group” are not alone in their efforts to seize and sell America’s public lands. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lisa Murkowski, have been vocal proponents of such proposals in the U.S. Senate. Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) also recently introduced the “American Land Act,” which would force the Department of the Interior to sell one-third of the land managed by the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, and use the “potentially billions” of dollars in revenue for transportation infrastructure.

Despite being considered unconstitutional by legal scholars, similar proposals to seize control of America’s public lands have been introduced by right-wing lawmakers in eleven western states — Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and Washington.

Thanks to support from the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and front groups for the oil industry’s PR giant, Richard Berman, as well as increasing lobbying by the Utah-based American Lands Council, these proposals have now gained prominence at the national level.

Even with the increase in activity, bipartisan public opinion research has shown that Western voters from all political parties oppose these proposals, and believe that transferring control of public lands to state governments would result in reduced access for recreation, and the lands being sold off to the highest bidder to cover extreme costs of management.

This is all about selling off federal lands held in trust for the enjoyment of all Americans and future generations to private interests for exploitation and personal profit. These people are shameless.


  1. I have this handy little app powered by Open secrets. It was designed by a HS kid. It’s called greenhouse.

    After you install, politicians names will be highlighted green and you can hover over the name to see the major campaign contributions.
    Doing that I see that Ted Poe’s major contributor is the Oil & Gas Industry.
    For Lisa Murkowski, the top is Electric Utilities, but 2nd was Oil & Gas Industry and 3rd was Lobbyists.. Ted Cruz got 1.6 million dollars from Conservative Republicans, but 2nd is…….Oil & Gas Industry.

    They will NEVER protect public lands if by some tea party crazy chance they got title to those lands.

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