Neo-Confederate ‘Tenther’ bills rejected, but more to come

6a00d8341bf80c53ef019103d205f6970c-120wiSome of the Neo-Confederate bills from the Tenth Amendment Center went down to defeat this week after the attorneys for the Senate Rules Committee advised that the bills violate the federal Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Senate Bill 1093 sponsored by Sen. Chester Crandell (R- Heber) would  have required federal agents to register with the local sheriff, show a warrant and hand over any fines they collect.

Senate Bill 1290 sponsored by Sen. Judy Burges (R-Sun City West) would have made the sheriff the senior law enforcement officer in a county and allows that person to refuse to give federal agents permission to makes arrests or searches.

Also, House Bill 2541 sponsored by Rep. Kelly Townsend (R-Mesa) would have allowed local towns and cities to override the federal government and access federal land during emergencies.

On the Third Read Calendar in the House for Wednesday, however, are two resolutions calling for a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of enacting a Balanced Budget Amendment, HCR 2027 and HCR 2035.

UPDATE: Awesome! HCR 2027 failed on a vote of 26-32 (2 not voting) Vote Detail, and HCR 2035 failed on an identical vote of 26-32 (2 not voting) Vote Detail.

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