Neocon McCain saber-rattling, threatening regime change – yet again

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John_mccain The Neoconservative warmonger who was the Washington patron of Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress and advocate for "regime change" in Iraq is at it again.

Sen. John McCain is just another Neoconservative who gets off on saber-rattling and threatening war with anyone every time he gets a wild hair up his ass.

In 2008, during a presidential campaign, McCain was advocating for a confontation with Russia over the conflict with Georgia – a conflict that appeared contrived by McCain's campaign advisor and lobbyist for the country of Georgia, Randy Scheunemann. Randy Scheunemann's Manchurian Candidate.

In 2009, after the Iranian election resulted in the Green Revolution that was suppressed by the Iranian regime, McCain was advocating for "regime change" in Iran. John McCain should think before he speaks, listen to the Iranians. In 2010, McCain's BFF Sen. Lindsey Graham called for a military strike on Iran.

Just be glad that McCain lost in 2008, or there is little doubt that we would be at war with Iran today.

On Sunday, McCain advocated for "regime change" in North Korea — but insisted that he was not calling for a military response, and of course, he had no tangible plan to offer. He just likes to rattle a saber and threaten "regime change." McCain: Time to discuss N. Korea 'regime change':

Sen. John McCain said Sunday it was time to discuss "regime change" in North Korea, but the former Navy combat pilot didn't say how he advocates changing the government in the repressive and secretive dictatorship.

[McCain] said he was not suggesting military action against the North. He said the Chinese, the North's closest ally, should rein in its neighbor, and he accused Beijing of failing to play a responsible role in either the Korean peninsula, where tensions are high because of a recent attack by the North, or the world stage.

"The key to this, obviously, is China," McCain said on "State of the Union" on CNN. "And, unfortunately, China is not behaving as a responsible world power. It cannot be in China's long-term interest to see a renewed conflict on the Korean peninsula."

The Arizona Republican added: "They could bring the North Korean economy to its knees if they wanted to. And I cannot believe that the Chinese should, in a mature fashion, not find it in their interest to restrain North Korea. So far, they are not."

Sen. McCain needs some study time. The North Korean economy has been on its knees for the past twenty years or longer. It is a failed state on life support. North Korea has endured famines in which uncounted numbers have died. China does not want a wave of Korean refugees crossing into China for relief assistance.

And China does not want to engage in "regime change" by decapitating North Korea's military regime and installing a more amenable puppet government. The North Koreans are unlikely to cooperate, anymore than one would expect them to cooperate with the South Korean government seeking to unify the peninsula under one government.

The North Korean people have been indoctrinated with a fierce nationalism for 60 years. Even a starving people will fight to defend their country if that is what they believe.

China's interests are not the same as the United State's interests. China is doing what it believes is in its national interests:

China on Sunday proposed an emergency meeting of the six nations that have tried to engage North Korea in talks about its nuclear program.

* * *

Chinese state councilor Dai Bingguo made a last-minute visit to Seoul, the South Korean capital, to confer with the South Korean president, President Lee Myung-bak. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke with Dai, and State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the U.S. would continue to consult with China and others "on a future course." He added that the North "needs to cease its provocative behavior. That is a critical first step."

McCain conceded the Chinese government's call for emergency talks was a "fine first step," but he questioned whether North Korea would stop its long history of confrontation without significant penalties, i.e., "regime change."

It's long past time that anyone listen to what Neoconservatives like John McCain have to say. They love wars and the threat of wars. It is what keeps the military-industrial-congressional complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us against humming along.

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  1. John McCain certainly gets the award for busybody in chief. Let’s not forget Arizona’s own junior busybody in chief US Senator Jon Kyl.

    Jon Kyl will be up for election in 2012.