Neocon war criminals reemerge with talk of war in Ukraine


The corporate media is still in thrall to the Neocon war criminals who lied this country into an unnecessary and unlawful war in Iraq based upon falsified intelligence of  “weapons of mass destruction.”

The same war criminals who authorized illegal torture, secret rendition of prisoners to black site prisons, and indefinite detention of  “enemy combatants” without charges or trial.

The same war criminals who sacrificed American lives and treasure in pursuit of their Neocon wet dream of a Pax Americana empire.


On Sunday, Charlie Rose, substituting for Bob Schieffer of CBS’ Face The Nation, shamed himself by inviting Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney on to discuss the events in Ukraine. Transcript::

CHARLIE ROSE: Tell me what our options are, today?

DICK CHENEY: Well, I think– I worry one would begin to address a crisis by the first thing we do is take options off the table. I don’t think the administration should do that. And this–

CHARLIE ROSE: Have they done that?

DICK CHENEY: In a sense saying no military. He seems to operate that way most of the time. There are military options that don’t involve putting troops on the ground in Crimea. We could go back and– and reinstate the ballistic missile defense program that was taken out. It was originally going to go in Poland, Czech Republic, Obama took it out to appease Putin. We could do training exercises in Poland, joint exercises. We can offer military assistance in terms of equipment, training, and so forth to the Ukrainians themselves.

On Saturday, Neocon Central, the Washington Post, published this guest opinion from Condoleeza Rice. Will America heed the wake-up call of Ukraine?:

Most important, the United States must restore its standing in the international community, which has been eroded by too many extended hands of friendship to our adversaries, sometimes at the expense of our friends. Continued inaction in Syria, which has strengthened Moscow’s hand in the Middle East, and signs that we are desperate for a nuclear agreement with Iran cannot be separated from Putin’s recent actions. Radically declining U.S. defense budgets signal that we no longer have the will or intention to sustain global order, as does talk of withdrawal from Afghanistan whether the security situation warrants it or not. We must not fail, as we did in Iraq, to leave behind a residual presence. Anything less than the American military’s requirement for 10,000 troops will say that we are not serious about helping to stabilize that country.

Wars and the threats of wars are the Neocons’ only answer to every foreign policy issue. This is why they led this country into a disastrous unnecessary and unlawful war in Iraq. They have demonstrated no regret or remorse.

The failure to prosecute the war criminals from the Bush-Cheney regime — and their propagandists in the corporate media — and to allow them to hold prestigious positions at universities, think tanks, corporations and media outlets from which they can advocate for the next Neocon war, demonstrates why such prosecutions are so necessary. Without accountability for their crimes, they will do it again.

These shameless war criminals should be treated as pariah and shunned by the public and the media. Their views and opinions should not be sought out.

They deserve to be prosecuted under the Nuremberg Principles for their war crimes, and to serve time in prison as justice for all those who gave all for their country, and the many others who will suffer their wounds for the rest of their lives. The least that we owe our veterans is justice.


  1. I heard it. Only in dysfunctional America can a war criminal have a seat at a media table to give his FUBAR opinion.

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