New poll shows David Garcia 1 point behind Doug Ducey in Arizona Governor’s race

Republican Gov. Doug Duce-bag and Democratic candidate David Garcia

A new poll released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling shows Democratic candidate behind Republican incumbent Doug Ducey by just one point, according to 12News.

In a survey conducted in August, 44 percent of Arizona voters chose Ducey, while 43 percent chose Garcia. Only 13 percent of Arizona voters were undecided between the two candidates, according to Public Policy Polling.

The polling research included that 45 percent of voters surveyed disapprove of Ducey’s job as governor. It also pointed out that Garcia leads Ducey among Independents (46 percent to 36 percent), women (45 percent to 41 percent), and Latino voters (52 percent to 22 percent).

Public Policy Polling interviewed 554 Arizona voters on August 30 and 31. The survey’s margin of error is +/-4.2 percent. The polling group says the research was conducted on behalf of Garcia’s campaign.

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  1. I learned over a decade ago that polls are no longer as accurate as they used to be
    Only votes count. Hopefully that does count; but with voter suppression by the right, who knows. . Then there is Russia
    Enough said!

  2. Everything Arizona is or isn’t, today, is the responsibility of the Republican one party dictatorship in this State. They can’t blame anything on anyone else, as they have been in power so long. Poor roads, terrible K-12 education funding, horrible community college support, profiteering, unaccountable charter school operators, exploitive, unaccountable private school money laundering, a tax system for the rich, voter surpression, contempt for the referendum process, and border security– all on them.

    • Good list and well said.

      Don’t forget all the fun laws governing a woman’s body, and the zero laws governing a man’s.

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