News Coverage in Texas


Posted by Bob Lord

Here's a funny (and true) story about what Chris Hedges refers to as the illiterate majority.

My son recently graduated from U of A and took a job in Dallas. Last week, he was getting a haircut and the stylist asked him if he had been to the State Fair (or maybe it was the County Fair, I'm not sure). He's been immersed in his work, so he had no idea there was a fair running. When he told her this, she exclaimed: "How could you not know about the Fair? Don't you watch the news?"

So, the conversation turns and she asks him where he works and he replies "Goldman Sachs." She then asks what Goldman Sachs is, because she'd never heard of it. 

So much for following the news in Texas. Unless of course corn dogs and fry bread are an important part of your life. Oh wait, it's Texas we're talking about. News coverage in Arizona is much more substantive, right?

[And yes, I know, it's a bit ironic that my son works for Goldman]