Earlier this week, something historic occurred.  The Dallas Morning News, a “newspaper that has not recommended a Democrat for the nation’s highest office since before World War II — if you’re counting, that’s more than 75 years and nearly 20 elections” — endorsed a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, for president. We recommend Hillary Clinton for president:

clinton-trumpThere is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November. We recommend Hillary Clinton.


* * *

We’ve been critical of Clinton’s handling of certain issues in the past. But unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has experience in actual governance, a record of service and a willingness to delve into real policy.

Resume vs. resume, judgment vs. judgment, this election is no contest.

* * *

Trump’s values are hostile to conservatism. He plays on fear — exploiting base instincts of xenophobia, racism and misogyny — to bring out the worst in all of us, rather than the best. His serial shifts on fundamental issues reveal an astounding absence of preparedness. And his improvisational insults and midnight tweets exhibit a dangerous lack of judgment and impulse control.

After nearly four decades in the public spotlight, 25 of them on the national stage, Clinton is a known quantity. For all her warts, she is the candidate more likely to keep our nation safe, to protect American ideals and to work across the aisle to uphold the vital domestic institutions that rely on a competent, experienced president.

Hillary Clinton has spent years in the trenches doing the hard work needed to prepare herself to lead our nation. In this race, at this time, she deserves your vote.

This historic endorsement from a solidly conservative newspaper editorial board who are deeply disturbed by Donald Trump as the nominee of the Republican Party is a BFD, and it gives other conservative newspapers cover to follow suit.

I saw this piece in the Arizona Republic today, Arizona Republic presidential endorsements: 120 years, no Democrats: “The Arizona Republic has never endorsed a Democrat for president from 1892 to 2012.”

I believe this piece is a precursor to the Arizona Republic following the lead of the Dallas Morning News and endorsing a Democrat for president for the very first time, just as I predicted it would do earlier this year. The Arizona Republic has an existential crisis:

ArizonaRepublicanThe Arizona Republic fka The Arizona Republican, has long been the media arm of the Arizona Republican Party. To the best of my knowledge, the Arizona Republic has never endorsed a Democrat for president in a general election. It always endorses the Republican.

The Arizona Republic is having an existential crisis over the very real possibility that Donald Trump will be the nominee of the GOP in November.

The Arizona Republic may have to endorse a Democrat for president for the first time ever.

The Arizona Republic published a blistering editorial critical of Donald Trump and Tea-Publican politicians who will not denounce him. If you love America, denounce Trump now:

History will be kind to Republicans who denounce Donald Trump.

It is especially important to do so now — when Trump’s megalomaniacal pursuit of the GOP nomination looks stronger than ever and some are calling his success inevitable.

History calls. It’s time to take a stand.

Those who expected Trump to fall on his own sword of intimidation and intolerance can wait no longer.

The billionaire surfs a deep discontent in a nation where uncertainty about the economy and distrust of politics as usual are palpable. Instead of offering solutions, he mines that vein of fear and frustration using undisguised bigotry, racism, sexism and fascism.

Yes, fascism.

Today the Arizona Republic published an editorial endorsement in the GOP Presidential Preference Election that reeks of resignation, disappointment and disillusionment with Arizona’s GOP voters whom they have pandered to since its founding.

The editors accept the inevitability that Trump is going to win the Arizona GOP primary on Tuesday, but use the endorsement of John Kasich to make a blistering attack on Donald Trump as unfit for the presidency. Reject Trump and Cruz – vote Kasich. This is really a must read editorial.

The question I posed for the editors at the time still stands:

And what of the Tea-Publican candidates for office who stand with Trump and do not denounce him? Will The Arizona Republic still endorse them for office, enabling the fascism that the editors fear?

Yes “History calls. It’s time to take a stand.” It is time for the Arizona Republic to break its long alliance with the Arizona Republican Party and to take a stand for America. History will not be kind to Republicans — or newspapers — who do not denounce Donald Trump and those who support him. As Mitt Romney recently said, “it is a time for choosing.”

The Arizona Republic cannot in good conscience or logical consistency endorse any Republicans running for office who stand with and support Donald Trump and “Trumpism.” If the editors reject Trump, and they obviously do, they must also reject any candidates who stand with Trump or who will not repudiate him — that includes Sen. John McCain.

This blog will be watching the Republic endorsements and how you justify them.