Former Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes, the only – thus presumptive – Democratic candidate for AZ Attorney General sounded the alarm today about Trump’s endorsement of extremist election-denier Abe Hamadeh for the GOP nomination in her latest emailing:

“Our race is so important that yesterday Trump endorsed one of my opponents!


Of course, Trump’s pick is the most extreme GOP candidate running. Trump’s pick promotes the Big Lie election conspiracies, says abortion is murder, attacks the media, and travels the state ranting and fear-mongering.

No matter how crazy he sounds, the reality is this endorsement is going to send a flood of cash to our opponent. And we need to fight back!

Trump is attempting to line up his lackeys – including in the Arizona Attorney General’s office – to do his bidding. He wants someone who will create chaos, sow fear and will snub our Constitution for personal and political gain.

He wants someone who will use the AG’s office to chase crazy conspiracies and who would refuse to certify any Democratic victory in this state.

He wants someone who would lock up women for having an abortion, arrest our doctors, and set us back 100 years.

We can’t allow that.”

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