Next Generation Science Standards


posted by John Denker

There is currently an effort to produce Next Generation Science Standards.  This directly affects K-12 teachers and students, and indirectly affects everybody else.

The 2nd draft standard is open for public comment until Jan. 29th.  The standard is scheduled to be
«released for adoption» in the next few months, i.e.
«winter/spring 2013». In my opinion, it is not ready, and
will not be ready by that date.  There are numerous basic errors of fact. These are
so numerous and so basic as to seriously call into question the
process that produced them.

I recommend that each and every person contact the sponsoring
organizations including NSTA, AAAS, NAS/NRC, and Achieve. Ask them to
not endorse or approve adoption of these standards, at least
until the quality-control issues have been resolved.

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