Ninth Cicuit Enjoins Use of Prop 200 in 2006 General Election


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an inlocutory injuntion on the use of ID standards mandated by 2004’s Prop 200 in the 2006 general election and for voter registration until close of registration on Oct. 7th. The stay is temporary until the substantive question of the appeal, whether Prop 200 violates federal election laws, is decided on the merits.

Predictably, the anti-immigrationists and right wingers (whose leaders freely admit that their electoral chances depend on certain kinds of people not voting) are up in arms, and ready to take a scapel to the 9th Circuit. Voter’s rights advocates are delighted that our official suppressor of the vote, Secretary of State Jan Brewer, won’t be able to disenfranchise Arizona voters this election – at least not on Prop 200 grounds.

Amazingly, Brewer says that the state had no problems with implementing Prop 200 in previous elections. I suppose she’s right; her sustained efforts to disenfranchise voters went very well indeed. Prop 200 worked exactly as intended.         

"The fact is we very successfully implemented identification at the
polls during September’s Primary Election without a hitch,” Brewer
said. "Given our recent success of ID at the polls, the timing of this
decision could not be worse.”

The reporter might have been confused by the shine reflecting off Brewer’s fangs. Perhaps what she really said was, "… we very sucessfully implemented our plan to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters at the polls during September’s Primary Election without a hitch…" The reporter only half heard, due to the hissing and snapping as Brewer spoke, "the timing of this decision could not be worse… for my plan to disenfranchise everyone but registered white Republicans."

Brewer went on to say, "I’m very concerned that two judges in San Francisco would overturn the will of a million voters." She might have been heard to say, had her blood-frenzied panting not been so loud, "even if ‘the people’s will’ violates federal election law and prevents citizens from excersing their right to democratic franchise."

The good news for both sides of the debate is that now all those Mexican aliens will have free and unfettered access to the voting booths in Arizona. This will satisfy those who want Mexicans to vote, so that they can finally pass that Initiative giving the southwest back to Mexico, and those who believe so fervently that Mexicans really are voting fraudulently, so they can finally get their hands on any shred of evidence it is occuring.

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  1. How do you know who an American IS? The Framers of The Constitution were all white anglo saxon males as Raul Grijalvia puts it; so there was no need for a National I.D. but today we have accepted every National from every Nation into our Borders with or with-out legal entry. So what do we do but to continue to be “Stuck On Stupid?”

  2. This really has nothing to do with illegal immigrants, nutcases slobbering not-withstanding.

    The Constitution provides that all citizens have the right to vote.

    The overriding consideration here is that not all citizens, for whatever reasons, have either access or desire to procure the “credentials” that the extremists have decided are necessary to exercise their franchise.

    The court is absolutely correct in ruling that no American must provide a national ID or other document to exercise their vote.

    Regardless of what the GOP and DL would prefer.

    Another freedom that will be steamrolled if the fascists prevail…..

  3. As a Democrat I will NEVER allow Non Citizens to vote anwhere in the United States or its Territories; If I knowingly allowed NON Citizens to vote I would be spitting on my oath of office to defend and protect the people of The United States of America to whom I was elected to defend the Laws and Territorial boundaries. I would resign if I did not do so as is the case with Raul Grijalvia who is defending Mexican Nationals over the voting rights of legal American citizens.
    Lawyers on this blog should not be allowed to vote if they knowingly support or defend the overthrow of the government of the United States or its laws through allowing illegal non U.S. citizens to vote in Federal Elections and changing the laws of the United States through intimidation by demonstrating in the streets from a foreign power to overturn the laws and rights of United States Citizens,to favor themselves.
    To many of my family and friends have died to protect our rights to vote over the rights of those who attacked the Alamo and killed every last soul bragging “They are all dead at last!”

  4. Joel, very well stated comment, but incorrect on the facts, “left wing gobbledigook” come on, I suggest you do a little homework and look at the AZ republi-con senate and congress members views and voting records…nice try but as usual without fact.

  5. Hold the phone, please.

    “Predictably, the anti-immigrationists and right wingers (whose leaders freely admit that their electoral chances depend on certain kinds of people not voting) are up in arms, and ready to take a scapel to the 9th Circuit.”

    This is lefty gobbledigook. It is not “anti-immigrationist” to want to know who is entering the country. I would also like to mention that there are those on the left who freely admit they DO want certain kinds of people to vote – the kinds of people who do not have a right to do so as they are not American citizens.

    There is not a single mainstream, right-of-center candidate – regardles of how right s/he is – stating anything about not wanting immigrants to come to America. But the usual way to get into someone’s house is through one of the doors. When folks are coming in through the windows, it is a bit suspicious. THAT is the issue.