No Jan, it wasn’t God, it was Barack Obama

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

When you listen to last night's debate you will have to listen carefully or you may miss it. At one point Jan Brewer asserts that she was put in power by God to save the state from financial ruin. "There but for the grace of God, I arrived."

I kid you not. Listen carefully.

No Jan, God did not make you governor of Arizona, Barack Obama did when he nominated Gov. Janet Napolitano to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. You succeeded to the governorship pursuant to the Arizona Constitution, not by divine intervention.

The Accidental Governor suffers from messianic delusions.

3 responses to “No Jan, it wasn’t God, it was Barack Obama

  1. I agree she was speaking in code, just as she appeared to be speaking in tongues in some incomprehensible language.

  2. She suffers from “messianic delusions”? she suffers from more than that! She is incoherent, incorrect and just plain unpleasant. Not to mention, not knowledgeable! and she appears to be corrupt, if one believes the Rachel Maddow presentation taken from local Phoenix sources about her involvement with staff which is part and parcel of the private prison system. She couldn’t answer one question and fell back on a snarky question to Goddard “What’s your plan?” Well, if she had listened to him, the bones of his plan are apparent: return Arizona to the ranks of living states, quit lying about disembodied heads found in the desert and cutting off drug cartels from their money and therefore their power. Sounds like a plan to me!

    For me, the most objectionable part of the “debate” was the incredible ineptitude of the “moderator” who simply failed to moderate. I had expected Bill Buckmaster, who did such a masterful job with the Democratic Senate contenders, that I was ill prepared for this poor soul who had no clue what his role was.

    For my money, Terry Goddard should be elected. He has the intelligence, the resolve, the experience in AZ government and the vision of what Arizona needs. I am proud to support him!

  3. I doubt that she suffers from “messianic delusions”. Instead what I suspect she was doing was playing to the conservative Christians by showing that she sees earthly events from a religious perspective.