ArizonaThe Voting Age Population Census (VAPC) for Arizona (2013) is 5,009,180 or 75.6% of the population.

The Secretary of State reports registered voters for Tuesday’s election totalled 3,235,963.


According to the Secretary of State, as of 4:18 AM on November 5, 2014:


Doug Ducey (R)  619,383   53.83%

Fred DuVal (D)    475,431   41.32%

619,382 votes out of 5,009,180 voting age adults in Arizona. 619,382 votes out of 3,235,963 registered voters.

As I have said, elections are not decided by those who vote. Elections are decided by those who do not vote. A very small minority of voters get to decide the fate of millions of Arizonans who cannot be bothered to vote. You get the government you deserve.