Not Qualified to be TUSD Superintendent

As of 11 June 2013, H.T. Sánchez is the sole finalist in the search
for a new Superintendent of TUSD. The Governing Board is
soliciting comments.

Executive Summary:
Dr. Sánchez is nowhere
near qualified to be superintendent. He would make a fine cheerleader, but
we should not trust him with the job of quarterback. The board
needs to reopen the search and find somebody who is more of a
scholar, a manager, and a leader.

All available evidence suggests that Dr. Sánchez tends to
come down on both sides of critical issues. This indicates both a
lack of character and a lack of fundamental management skills. The
primary issue is his attitude: He’s more worried about not “violating
somebody’s dignity” than about getting the right answer.

For a fuller discussion of the pros and cons and other details, continue reading here ….


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