NRCC’s ‘pants on fire’ – the $700 billion lie that will not die returns


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Liar-LiarThe GOPropaganda machine is shameless. No matter how many times the lie has been debunked and refuted, they continue with their Big Lie because propagandists know that if you repeat it often enough, there are enough ignorant dumbasses out there who are going to believe it is true because they heard it somewhere.

The GOPropaganda machine is going to try for the third consecutive election cycle in a row to recycle the $700 billion lie that will not die (up fro $500 billion in 2010). See, (Updated) Fact Check: Romney-Ryan 'pants on fire' – the $700 billion lie that will not die.

Though Republicans opposed the creation of Medicare in 1965, sought deep cuts to ensure that it “wither on the vine
in 1990s, and now support a dramatic restructuring (vouchers) that would
substantially privatize Medicare, the National Republican Congressional
Committee is out today with ads criticizing Democrats for cutting $716 billion
from the program — the lie that will not die returns. Politicians Celebrate Medicare’s 48th Anniversary With Attack Ads:

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s (D-AZ) “vote against the Republican balanced
budget isn’t the only vote that hurt Medicare recipients,” says an NRCC
release first published in Politico’s Morning Score.
“Kirkpatrick has also opposed fully repealing ObamaCare, which gutted
Medicare by $716 billion.” Similar ads will target Reps. Ron Barber
, Scott Peters (D-CA), Patrick Murphy (D-FL), Carol Shea-Porter
(D-NH) and others.

The attack is peculiar, since the so-called “balanced budget” offered
by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) maintains the very same $716 billion that
Democrats included in the Affordable Care Act
. As page 40
of Ryan’s budget says, “The budget calls for directing any potential
Medicare savings in current law toward shoring up Medicare, not paying
for new entitlements.”

Ryan argues that the health law inappropriately redirects savings
from Medicare to fund coverage for the nation’s uninsured and promises
to use those savings to strengthen the program. But the Congressional
Budget Office doesn’t see it that way. It notes that the GOP’s “premium
support” proposal — under which future retirees will have a choice of
traditional Medicare or private insurance and will receive a
pre-determined government voucher with which to purchase coverage —
would not keep up with health care costs and actually increase premiums for seniors
Medicare beneficiaries are already benefiting from other provisions of
the Affordable Care Act, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced on Monday,
and could lose those benefits if the law is fully repealed. 16.5
million seniors have received preventive benefits without deductibles or
co-pays as a result of the law and saved more than $7 billion on
prescription drugs.

Health policy experts worry that overtime, the Ryan budget blueprint will
cause “traditional Medicare would become less financially viable and could unravel.”

"Even after every media fact check organization in America rated the GOP claim that Democrats cut $500 billion from Medicare
benefits a "pants on fire" lie repeatedly since 2010, my summary here Fact Check: The NRCC's 'pants on fire' – the $500 billion lie that will not die," they did it again in 2012. I posted the fact checks by CNN, ABC News and PolitiFact in Fact Check: Romney-Ryan 'pants on fire' – the $700 billion lie that will not die. The Washington Post's fact checker Glenn Kessler is here. Answering readers’ questions about Medicare – The Washington Post. This is the same recycled bullshit from the previous two election cycles.

Note: Former Arizona Daily Star political reporter and all around prick Daniel Scarpinato is the press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee. This explains why Reps. Barber and Kirkpatrick are targeted by the latest GOPropaganda "Big Lie."