Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

If only the Arizona McMedia would hold our angry old homophobe to account like this. Waiting for Senator McCain –


Senator John McCain has long defended the rights of military servicemen and women. It is a particular disappointment that he is vowing to filibuster the Pentagon’s spending bill unless a measure repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is stripped out — or he is satisfied about its effects on morale and readiness.

A Pentagon study is due on Dec. 1, and the House-approved bill delays implementation until after that report satisfactorily deals with such issues. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has called for repeal in the Senate’s lame-duck session, and many top military leaders have endorsed repeal as a matter of justice and military readiness. The policy, which bars gay men and lesbians from serving openly, has already driven out far too many talented and expensively trained service members.

Mr. McCain, who previously expressed support for repeal providing that it had the military leadership’s approval, should listen. His clout could be decisive. Failure to enact repeal would be a personal rebuff to troops now serving in two wars. It would also fly in the face of the public’s overwhelming support of repeal.

Republicans narrowly prevailed in filibustering “don’t ask” in September. A filibuster in the lame-duck session would run out the clock and send the issue to likely oblivion in the incoming Republican-controlled House. Justice demands a vote.

Senator McCain has a chance to do right by the military and country he championed as a war hero. He should find a reasonable way to forgo a filibuster and end this grave injustice.