Obama y Biden – Que Viva “Change We Can Believe In!”

by John Adams

Dateline Denver, the 2008 Democratic National Convention…staging ground for victory for the American people in November.

Why Joe Biden?

Let’s ask the neocon icon, Mr. William Kristol, his thoughts on the question:  "There’s lots to like about Barack’s choice of Senator Joe Biden as his running mate: Biden’s bowling score, honed by years of practice…now that will help the ticket."

OK, I admit I didn’t ask the unctuous, reptilian Kristol to answer the question…rather I overheard the above flippant BS as Bill K spoke to one of his slobbering minions in the lobby here at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center…I like this hotel lots, but why couldn’t they book better peeps than Fox News to share OUR delegation’s convention residence?

But that begs the question, why is Joe Biden such a good choice as Barack’s running mate?

1) Biden is a fighter.  After all, we’re in for the political struggle of our lives over the next couple of months, and Biden is proven in battle.  Great message for all of us on the campaign…it’s time to take the offensive.  McCain’s earned whatever we throw at him…Biden’s already firing fastballs.  This convention is all about marshaling our resources to take on McCain and the Republicans, and Biden’s strong, sharp attacking style is just what we need.

2) Biden is grounded.  He knows personal adversity, he knows public adversity, and like Barack, he understands what it’s like to have to work hard to make it in America.  He wasn’t born rich, he’s not now, and he has no problem answering questions like how many homes he has.

3) Biden knows the stakes for this election: War and Peace.  Wannabe Emperor McCain doesn’t understand how unsafe the Iraq War has made America; in fact, he’s spoiling for a new war with Iran.  On the other hand, like Barack, Biden knows that the issue of war and peace is the most important question facing any President, and he’s determined to keep us safe and at peace.  Like Barack, he has the courage to oppose the war-mongers who continue wasting American blood and treasure in Iraq…and he has the courage to oppose the twisted ideologues who want to expand the conflict to Iran.  Biden knows the world, he knows the value of diplomacy, he knows the risks of war, and he knows the importance of peace not only to restoring America’s place in the world, but to healing our suffering economy.  In the Senate, Biden’s proven himself to be an insightful expert in foreign policy and issues of national security.  He’ll bring these talents to the campaign, and to the Office of Vice President. 

4) Biden’s ready to lead now…dedicated to his role as Barack’s Number 2.  Biden is a strong, forward-looking Vice Presidential candidate who’s dedicated to electing Barack Obama this fall, and to serving the Constitution as Vice President, rather than as some sort of co-President.  If the situation ever arose, Biden will be ready to step up to the White House, but he respects and is dedicated to Barack Obama as the leader of our movement and as our next President.

5) Biden’s selection is well-timed.  Of course, we always expected to know the selection prior to the convention kickoff, and thank God for that.  Next week in Denver is about moving forward, about winning the election, and restoring our country to the American people.  Biden’s selection puts to rest one of the most often-cited issues for many who’ve had trouble putting the primary season behind them…we need to move on, and having a strong, talented running mate helps us do that. 

After the night of the past eight years, it will be wonderful to have a Vice President who serves the Constitution and is dedicated to preserving American national security.

Barack Obama leads a movement that will bring change to our deserving people — now he’s selected an excellent Vice Presidential nominee to accelerate our victory in November.

And as for our hotel-mates at Fox…I expect I’ll hear more lame drivel over the next few days from Bill Kristol, Bill O, or one of the other Fox News idiots…but perhaps I should spare you more of that…

The Convention starts officially on Monday, and with the good news of Senator Joe Biden’s selection to complete our White House ticket, we in the Arizona Delegation are ready to help ensure Hope becomes Fulfillment this November.