‘ObamaCare’ data hub is ready


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Another conservative media entertainment complex "Obama Scare" meme bites the dust. Federal health officials announced Tuesday they have completed the “data hub,” a
complex system that will verify people’s Social Security numbers,
immigration status and other information when they log on to government
Web sites to buy health insurance plans and apply for government subsidies. Obamacare’s
data hub network to be ready, say officials

The milestone is a significant victory for the administration, which
is battling growing skepticism that it will be ready Oct. 1, when people
are supposed to be able to start signing up for health plans under the
law, commonly called Obamacare. For months, officials have faced questions about whether the computer systems, which are exceedingly complex, would be up and running in time.

government watchdog warned this month that a critical security test for
the data hub had been delayed and was not scheduled to be completed
until Sept. 30. But on Tuesday, officials said they managed to finish
that testing on time Friday, calling it a major turning point.

“After over two years of work, [the hub] is built and ready for
operation, and we have completed security testing and certification to
operate,” said Todd Park, chief technology officer of the United States.
“This is an important step in being ready for open enrollment on Oct.

The hub will be the subject of a hearing
Wednesday before a House homeland security subcommittee. Republicans
say the hub could be vulnerable to international hackers and identity
thieves, among others.

But administration officials said they
submitted the hub to rigorous security tests required under federal law,
such as ensuring that only qualified people have access to the
information it contains, that there are systems in place to monitor it
for unusual activity and that there is an ability to quickly respond to

They would not disclose some specifics, however, for
fear of revealing too much to potential attackers — including those who
may be ideologically opposed to the health-care law and want to
interfere with the Oct. 1 launch of the market­places.

Does this mean that there will not be any glitches when the system comes online? Of course not. Every time Microsoft rolls out a new product it has glitches. That is the nature of computers. It is unreasonable to expect perfection.

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