Occupy Is Not Dead


Posted by Bob Lord

As the 2012 election cycle heats up, it's easy to forget about Occupy. As firmly as I believe that Occupy has a better chance of saving this once great country of ours than does the Democratic Party, I've been caught up in electoral politics myself. It's hard not to be. But it's nice to get a reminder like this once in a while that ultimately it won't be the Democratic Party that puts us on a better course, it will be a couple million twenty something kids standing side by side with union members, environmental activists and perhaps  a few cranky old white guys:


Although I agree with Hedges, i think he's a bit too disdainful of those who spend time and energy on electoral politics. In the long run, Hedges is correct that the Democrats will cave to corporate America just like Republicans. In the short run, however, Democrats will do more to alleviate the pain (or perhaps less to exacerbate it) than will Republicans. So, if you care about the folks who will suffer more under a Romney presidency than under an Obama presidency, there's a logic to your involvement in electoral politics. The trade off is that a Romney presidency likely will accelerate the uprising of the "many" that is needed to force the "few" to institute real change. It's just not that easy to stand by and watch that happen.