Occupy Tucson sponsors People’s Bailout Party and Potluck, Nov. 15


Tax-wallstby Pamela Powers Hannley

Underwater mortgages, student loan debt, medcial bills, unemployment, credit cards, preditory lending– for a myriad of reasons Americans are in debt and hurting financially.

How did this happen? To quote a popular Occupy chant: "Banks got bailed out. We got sold out!"

To draw attention to our national debt and solutions to solve the real debt crisis of average Americans, Occupy Tucson will Occupy Wall Street (via live stream) and host the People's Bailout Party and Potluck this Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Historic Y.  

From Occupy Tucson…

Come to The People's Bailout Livestream Watch Party and Potluck on Thursday, November 15, from 5-9 p.m. in the Courtyard at the Historic Y, 738 N. Fifth Avenue.

From Melissa: "Join us as we watch the livestream from New York of The People's Bailout, a variety show and telethon to benefit the 99%. Special guests include Janeane Garofalo, Lizz Winstead, Frances Fox Piven, Max Silvestri, Hari Kondabolu, David Rees, The Yes Men, actor/director John Cameron Mitchell, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, Climbing Poetree, the Invisible Army of Defaulters, members of Healthcare for the 99%, Occupy Faith, and many more.

Join Strike Debt for an updated version of an old classic, the telethon, to launch The Rolling Jubilee, a campaign that buys debt for pennies on the dollar and does away with it. Instead of collecting the debt, we will abolish it and help free the debtors! It will be a wild night of music, comedy, magic, education, and the unexpected. This fast-moving variety show will mix well-known performers, intellectuals and activists from Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street.

"People shouldn't have to go into debt for an education, because they need medical care, or to put food on the table during hard times. We shouldn't have to pay endless interest to the 1% for basic necessities. Big banks and corporations walk away from their debts and leave taxpayers to pick up the tab. It's time for a bailout of the people, by the people. The event will be livestreamed at www.rollingjubilee.org. The Rolling Jubilee is a project of #StrikeDebt. Please feel free to bring food or non-alcoholic drinks to share, if you want to."