Oh If They Only Were Barefoot and Pregnant Again


Posted by Bob Lord

The Wall Street Journal ran this piece by Jonathan Last, a writer at the Weekly Standard, who explains why most of America's ills are attributable to those evil college-educated women who aren't popping out enough pups. You have to read the piece in its entirety to appreciate Last's depravity, but he actually argues that women attending college is a bad thing:

College. Higher education dampens fertility in all sorts of ways. It delays marriage, incurs debt, increases the opportunity costs of childbearing and significantly increases the expense of raising a child. If you doubt that the economics of the university system are broken, consider this: Since 1960, the real cost of goods in nearly every other sector of American life has dropped. Meanwhile, the real cost of college has increased by more than 1,000%.

Get that, women? Don't attend college, because the opportunities a degree will present might cause you not to spend your life raising kids.

Last also explains how over-population is not a problem, because world population is on track to peak in just 60 short years:

For two generations we've been lectured about the dangers of overpopulation. But the conventional wisdom on this issue is wrong, twice. First, global population growth is slowing to a halt and will begin to shrink within 60 years. 

Wow, only 60 years, imagine that. We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. And we'd top out at a mere 12 billion or so people. But wait. If what Last says is right for America, it's also right for every other country, which would mean the world population would not peak in 60 years if we took his brilliant advice. 

Read the whole piece, just so you know what passes as wisdom on the WSJ opinion pages.